We're doing our best to make the web a better place, and we want your help. If you find illegal or offensive material, or get spam email from a Webs site, let us know.

When users first sign up with Webs, they agree to our Terms of Service. While we monitor thousands of sites each day and auto-scan for illegal images on Webs sites, we also take reports from public viewers. Violations we look out for include software piracy, copyright infringement, sharing pornographic material, defamation of others, and unsolicited email communication. While we are not responsible for users' behavior, we do take strict disciplinary action against offenders. Our mission here at Webs is helping people build great websites easily, but we also want to help make the web better as a member of the Internet Watch Foundation.

To report the abuse of Webs services, please complete the form below. The information you submit will be kept confidential in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Please make sure the site you are reporting is hosted with Webs. If the site is not hosted with Webs, report the site directly to the hosting provider.

Have multiple Webs URLs/sites to report? To speed up your request, please submit all of the site addresses in a list using one form. You do not need to submit a form for each site/URL.

Attention Law Enforcement

Webs takes a tough stance against users who use our services for illegal purposes. That is why we remove sites that violate our terms immediately after being made aware of them. Sometimes, law enforcement wishes to follow up on the case to find the criminal. While we are perfectly happy to cooperate with law enforcement at all times, we also have a responsibility to our users' privacy. Therefore, we have created this guide to provide law enforcement with guidelines on obtaining IP and identifying information and site preservation.

Obtaining IP Information and other Identifying Information

People who use our system for illegal purposes typically do not purchase any of our premium services and since our signup process requires only a username, email address, and password, it is difficult to positively identify the culprits. However, Webs maintains IP logs of all account creations and account users.

Webs will conduct IP information searches on any account that has existed within the past 6 months under order of subpoena.

Site Preservation

Requests for site preservation must be made within 30 days of the site being taken down. It is best to couple a request for a site to be taken down with a request for site preservation. Webs will preserve sites as long as requested and charges a preservation fee of $10 per month.

Subpoenas and payments should be mailed to:
Webs, Inc.
1100 Wayne Avenue, Suite 800
Silver Spring, MD 20910