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Why Webs?

Simply put, you need a website provider that can grow with you. We have been innovating in the web publishing space since 2001, so we like to think we know a little about building websites. Our site-builder is easier, our features are more robust, and our service is rock solid. That's why over 50 million people have chosen Webs to power their sites, with over 20,000 new sites added every day.

Is it really free? How do you make money?

Yes! With Webs, you can easily create and maintain your own website forever, absolutely free! To offset the costs associated with web hosting and maintenance, free websites are supported with advertising banners. In addition to our free site-building solutions, Webs offers optional Premium Service upgrades available for purchase at any time. These services include getting a custom domain (e.g.,, obtaining your own email addresses, removing advertising from your site, gaining access to premium features, and more.

How long will my site be free?

Forever! Your site will remain live for free as long as you continue to login to your Webs account. We recommend logging in at least once a month.

Can I run a business on Webs?

Absolutely! Hundreds of thousands of small businesses use Webs for their websites. Whether it's a simple business site or a full fledged online store, you can do it here. We also offer Premium Services like the ability to register a custom domain name (like to put a truly professional finish on your site.

Can I get my website listed in Google and Yahoo?

Certainly, once you create your site, simply post your URL to Google's free site submission page. Note: It may take a few days to a few weeks to get listed.

What are your Premium Services and how much do they cost?

Our Premium Services offer great enhancements to your sites, like removing ads, giving you a custom domain name, and upgrading your storage space and bandwidth. For a comparison chart and pricing, please visit our Premium Services page.

How easy is it to build a site?

If you can send an email, you can build a website. It's that easy.

Can I get help when building my site?

Of course! If you have questions about creating, maintaining or upgrading your website, or are experiencing problems, please login and visit our Support Portal. We have many resources to help you build a great site as well as an active community of Webs experts. Premium customers also have access to live chat support from Mon - Fri: 7:00am - 12:00am US ET, Sat - Sun 8:00am - 8:00pm ET weekends.

How can people find my site?

If it's traffic you seek, we offer a full suite of promotional tools designed to get your site new visitors. This includes helping you get listed on Google and Yahoo! search engines, as well as using new media like Facebook and Twitter.If you want to keep your site private, we offer password protection to prevent any unapproved visitors from viewing your content.

Can I make money with my site?

Yes. From promoting services to selling products, thousands of businesses have been built with Webs. In addition, you can choose to run your own advertising partners on your site in order to capitalize on your traffic.

What if I need a domain name like or have a domain I'd like to transfer?

You can create your own personal domain name with accompanying email service at any time by purchasing our Premium Services. You can also transfer existing domain names purchased elsewhere to your Webs website.

I am having billing issues related to my Premium Services, who can I contact?

To make changes to your billing information, cancel your Premium Services or request a refund, please login to your account and visit the "Support" portal to chat with a customer representative.

Where do I go if I find offensive or illegal material on a Webs site?

To submit a complaint or notify Webs of a violation of our terms of service, please click here.

Does Webs offer phone support?

Yes! Phone support comes standard with our Pro Package. We offer email and live chat support options with our other packages, and we have a robust community forum where you can get help from the Webs community as well as Webs staff members.

How do I cancel and delete my Webs account?

You can cancel or close your website and account at any time. To do so, login to Webs with your email/password combination. Your sites will be listed on your dashboard. Click the "delete site" link to delete a website. If you are logging in with a username/password combination, then login, and click on the "Site Settings" link. You will find a delete account link at the bottom right of the Site Settings page.

What is the cancellation and refund policy on Webs' Premium Services?

We provide a 30-day hassle-free refund policy on all Premium Services, with the exception of domain names or domain services purchased using a coupon. To request a refund or to cancel the renewal of your Premium Services, please login and visit the "Support" link to speak to a customer representative.

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