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Why Are You Building Your Website?

It’s a simple question that probably has a simple answer.  We’ve found that most of our customers build a website to attract new customers to their business, to create a digital presence for their brand or service, to sell products online, or to build an online community.

However, all of these different site-building goals have one thing in common: they won’t work if your site can’t be found. 

While SEO Booster is a great way to perfect your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for Google or Bing, your business, group, or site also needs a strong Local Search strategy to connect the digital to the physical world. READ MORE

Our series on local promotion for small businesses continues today with a look at the wildly popular review site, Yelp.

Whether you are an avid user of Yelp or have never used it at all, there’s no denying its importance for small businesses. Yelp’s mobile and desktop applications help users not only discover local businesses, but rate and discuss them as well. And unlike social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, your business can be found on Yelp whether you put it there or not. Considering that nearly 1.1 million reviews have been written on Yelp to date, that fact should give you pause. How many people have reviewed your business so far? READ MORE

In a lot of small business marketing articles, you’ll be advised to decide which is more important to you: quality or quantity. And while that can be good advice in some situations, your online review presence is not among them.

Of course you need quality, 5-star reviews – that’s a given. But be aware that the value of those reviews is largely determined by the number of reviewers. A study from Search Engine Land revealed that while people tend to read only 2-3 of your available reviews, the credibility of your star rating is greatly increased when it’s echoed by more reviewers. READ MORE


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