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We know we don’t have to stress the importance of driving web traffic for our loyal Webs users. Your website supports your livelihood, and all of the digital marketing you do is an effort to bolster your website success.

That’s why we created a website analytics tool to monitor your site traffic to support your needs.

Of course, we are talking about Stats.

If you’re a free user, you have probably visited the pageviews section to analyze how many visits you get over time. But in this post, we’re going to dive deeper to show all you can discover as a Premium user. READ MORE

How to promote your small business website with Pinterest

Don’t look now but there is another hot shot social media site out here. Pinterest is the name and pin-boards is its game. The beauty of this service is its ability to bring many diverse people together not through words but visual boards. Users on Pinterest rave about the ease of use, the ability to be creative and the advantages of the organizational tools of the site.

Many Businesses are also using Pinterest to drive web traffic, according to Shareaholics latest referral traffic report: Pinterest has sent more referral traffic to other websites than twitter in Febuary. So if your business thrives off of website traffic to generate leads and sales, Pinterest is definitely a platform your company needs to take advantage of.  This article will show you how you can use this social media platform to increase your brands awareness while generating leads and website traffic.

First things first, you need to be introduced to the language of this new site:

Pinterest Terms:

  • Pins: Images, articles or videos uploaded via PC or found anywhere on the web, that are added to Pinterest.
  • Boards: Just like a poster board, or collage these are where you place your pins. Boards are sorted into categorgies or subjects like food, sports, or ‘products I like’ etc.
  • Like: Just like Facebook, you choose to “Like” a pin and Pinterest conveniently places your Likes into the ‘Like Section’ of your profile.
  • Re-Pin: When you add an image you find on Pinterest onto your board, when you Re-Pin the user who pinned the image first is credited.
  • Pinner: A user on Pinterest.
  • Follow: You can follow Pinners that interest you, and you can receive their latest updates on the Home feed of your profile.
  • Mention: You can mention other Pinners in the comments of your pins by using the “@” symbol and adding the username of the Pinner.

To see an example of a Pinterest board, check out Webs Pinterest account.

Small business owners often encounter difficulties when it comes to creating interactive ways to bring new customers to discover their websites. An often overlooked marketing channel that small business owners can take advantage of quickly and inexpensively is by creating a how-to video for their website.

Just think, how many times have you gone online for questions on how to create or repair something? Would you rather read instructions on how to solve your issue or WATCH a tutorial that had easy to follow steps?

Here are a few tips that will help you reach YouTube success!

 #1 Optimize Your Channel

Before your business becomes a viral sensation, there are a few YouTube channel options you should check out:

  • Description Area – Make sure your description is clean, short and right to the point. Don’t forget to include all of your company’s social media sites, blog and website URLs. Keep in mind your channel description plays a big role in on how YouTube categorizes your channel and videos, so make sure to use keyword rich terms.


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