We are happy to announce the addition of a new module to the selection of available tools on the Webs SiteBuilder3 – Table Module. You can now quickly and easily add tables to your sites with a simple drag & drop option.

Tables are a great way of placing content into charts like pricing, schedules and menus.

How to Add A Table to Your Webs Website:

  1. To get started, click on the layout tab at the bottom of the Sitebuilder and select the Table Module.  
  2. Drag the selected module to an empty space on your page where you wish the table to live.To start populating the table, click the designated table header and text areas. 

Table Module Options

Table module comes with several options that are displayed when you click on the table while in SiteBuilder. From left to right:

  • Column button – allows you to add a new column to your table. Quick tip: clicking this button multiple times will create multiple evenly-spaced columns.
  • Row button – allows you to add a new row to your table.
  • Table settings – provides additional options to control table header, header color, borders, row colors and background colors for every other row.

Start adding the table module today and don’t forget to post below examples of how you are using this new feature. READ MORE


Layout Style

Header Style

Accent Color