Today’s Example Site Wednesday goes to an action packed, adrenaline filled website that exemplifies how to keep your website interactive and fun. The Alpha Wrestling League is an online role playing website dedicated to fantasy. The strength of this site is the interactive engagement which allows for anyone across the globe to combine creative energy to produce an amazing user experience.

This site is entering their 2nd month of existence and already has accumulated an amazing and loyal following. AWL’s forum has over 2800+ posts and is home to over 50 members. If you would like to gain similar gains in user interactivity, it is important that you make your site as user friendly as possible.

Here are some tips that will help to keep users glued to your site and grow your site activity:

  • Don’t Be A Stranger: Open up a forum post that offers users a place to voice their opinions or suggestions to make your site better, give all of your users a sense of ownership to your site.  Furthermore, you can encourage forum interactions by responding to posted issues/comments and asking thought provoking questions.


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