There are lots of articles on the web about the affect that certain colors can have on a website, or how to use color effectively in your branding. But have you ever thought about creating a black and white website?

Today’s example site, the portfolio of performing artist (and Webs user) Róisín Monaghan, uses this technique beautifully to create an elegant look and feel that serves her subject matter well.

One advantage of a mostly black and white website is that it clears out the clutter and allows other design elements to take center stage. READ MORE

Screen Shot: Wizard Screens and Gutter

It’s Wednesday morning, and that means it’s time for another great example site built using SiteBuilder3.

Today we’ll take a look at the website of Wizard Screens and Gutter, a family-owned business located in Utah.

There are three really successful elements of this site that stand out most: Usability, Imagery, and Simplicity. Let’s look at each of these and discuss how they make for an overall positive first impression. Which, according to a recent study, is formed in just two tenths of a second! READ MORE

A very popular question has surfaced after the release of the new SiteBuilder3: How to add various widgets to my website.

What is a widget?

In the context of website building, a widget is a small application, or a component that allows a user to perform a specific function or access a service.  A few popular widgets include:  chat boxes, badges, clocks, countdowns, weather feeds, news feeds, rss feeds, and more.

How to add a widget?

1. To get started, click on the layout tab at the bottom of the Sitebuilder and select the Custom Html module. READ MORE

Your website is a reflection of your business. Adding smart design details can make a world of difference between an average looking site and a dynamic stylish site that appeals to your visitors.

View the following video to learn how to quickly:

  • Add professional photos
  • Style images with frames
  • Customize colors & fonts
  • Add dividers to create visual separation
  • Customize your footer customization

    This week we feature a website that helps to reduce stress, one client at a time. The Silver Sage Spa  is where health and beauty walk hand and hand, NATURLLY! When you visit this website you are instantly overcome with a sense of peace and serenity within their welcoming atmosphere. Let’s take a look at what makes this website soothing.

    The color scheme is welcoming and serene; the website tagline sets the tone for the website and gears you for a soothing website navigational experience. This website is professional from top to bottom. What we really like is the “Rates & Services” page, a good example of how you should list your services effectively. READ MORE

    Have you ever noticed that the way you view a new website and read its content is not the same as if you were reading a book or a newspaper? The reason for this difference is that people scan websites instead of reading every single word. There have been a number of studies conducted to determine the various patterns people use to scan website.

    The good news is that you can utilize this information to your advantage in order to help improve your website’s usability and readability. Regardless of the purpose of your website, placing important content in the spots that get scanned the most can help to boost your conversion rates. READ MORE

    This Wednesday we are getting down and dirty with Medina, a small family business in Medina, Ohio. First off we would like to congratulate them on their expansion, their first shop opening this fall. As you can see from their homepage photo, no job is too big for Medina’s and maybe that is the reason for their ongoing success.

    The site owners do a great job of using font types and sizes to highlight important content while creating a visual sequence for their visitors. We also love seeing such a strong ‘Call-To-Action’ message on the homepage, great job in engaging your visitors. READ MORE

    This Wednesday we present you with a well organized site that exemplifies how to effectively leverage the quality of your product/service. Rags to Riches Dog Spa is a professional mobile dog grooming service started by Kelly, an avid animal lover. Kelly felt that every dog client should have her UNDIVIDED attention, leaving clients feeling satisfied with the service she provides. Her passion for the business translates into the design and feel of the website.

    Rags to Riches Dog Spa website clearly communicate its purpose. Furthermore, the color scheme of the website utilizes 2 primary colors that blend well creating a unique brand identity without distracting visitors from the main content. When it comes to the psychology of colors, purple means royalty and yellow tends to represent cheerfulness so what better color scheme to represent her slogan “Your Dog Is Treated Like Royalty”.

    Another thing that the website owner does well is the ability to communicate her strong product knowledge and dedication to services offered.

    Here are some tips that can help your small business website showcase your product/service superiority:

    • Theme Is Key – Make sure you take a look at the psychology of colors and find out what emotions and traits colors mean. Figure out which colors coordinate best with the subject of your website that run congruent with the personality of your business. Do not use more than three main colors as a color scheme; the key is to set the mood not to distract your visitors. Setting the mood is very important because it allows visitors to feel comfortable, which means they’ll stay on your website longer. Discover other design elements that impact the quality of your website.

    This week’s Example Site Wednesday comes from a beautiful website dedicated to selling adorable duct tape bows to raise money for a cancer charity foundation, Bows for Hope. This website provides an excellent example of how a simplistic homepage can help you capitalize on your unique web traffic.

    “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.”

    -Albert Einstein

    Bows For Hope is an organization started by Lauren Chelenza, a 13 year old, who was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in 2009. She sells bows made of duct tape that come in many creative designs for $1.50, and all proceeds are donated to the Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation. Lauren first started out selling her bows in school, and to date she has raised thousands of dollars for her cause.

    Within seconds of visiting Bows For Hope, you are greeted with an warm angelic design that directs you to the main content of the site. The content is straight forward and allows visitors to comprehend the objective of the site instantly. Right below the main paragraph is a ‘Call to Action’ message that is a personal statement directly from the founder of the site.

    This week we would like to showcase a website with clear calls to action: Building Repair Cost Consulting (BRCC).  Site owners also took into consideration a lot of design elements to ensure their website provides a simple way for visitors to browse.  Check it out for yourself:

    Looking over this website, there is just a small suggestion we would like to offer to the owner of BRCC — try putting more emphasis on the benefits your services provide.  Adding benefit focused copy will answer the vital question all visitors seek: “What’s in it for me”.  Here are some suggestions on the type of statements BRCC could emphasize:

    • “With BRCC, you will not have to worry about overpaying contractors.”
    • “Using BRCC you will gain a piece of mind when it comes to major renovations”.

    Looking to add benefits focused copy to your website? Here are a few tips you can utilize:


    Layout Style

    Header Style

    Accent Color