Earlier this year we posted tips on how to use YouTube to grow your small business website and how to use videos to drive traffic to your website. Today, let’s dive a bit further into what you can do to help your videos stand out, drive additional website traffic and grow potential fan base.

While there is no magic formula available for determining which videos will become viral, you can take some steps to ensure your video has a fighting chance. Here are a few elements to consider when creating your promotional videos: READ MORE

Has a friend ever sent you a link to a funny or interesting YouTube video? The ease with which videos are shared among friends, family, and coworkers is one of the reasons why video marketing is the next big trend. Not only are videos more entertaining and engaging than text, they also increase SEO rankings. According to Forrester Research, video increases a web page’s likelihood for a front-page Google search result by 96 percent.

Nowadays, videos have become the next great way to give your website, and your company, a strong online presence. Here are some ways in which you can use videos to brand your company and drive traffic to your site: READ MORE

Congrats, it’s Wednesday, which means you’ve made it half way through the week. Take a breather by looking at the example site that we’ve chosen for today. Innate Family Chiropractic is run by two doctors, whose mission is to provide chiropractic care to families while promoting an awareness of personal health. Their website is clean and simple, yet welcoming and informative. Take a look for yourself:

Pasadena, CA

Innate Family Chiropractic has created a great website for attracting and retaining visitors. The website’s design is minimalistic, but makes great use of Webs features such as:


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