Hey all, Haroon here.  Just wanted to give you an update on a few things that are now available and several other things we are working on.

First off, as you know, we have launched our new Blog App.  If you are still using the old blog, we highly recommend migrating to the new one as we will no longer be supporting that product after March.  The new blogs have several advantageous features including Categories for your blog entries, sidebar support, and site member support (for commenting and posting).  To migrate your blog, simply edit your current blog and click the link to copy your entries and comments to the new blog.  (Don’t worry, this will not delete your old blog so you can try it without risk). READ MORE

Members and Profiles

Custom Profile Questions are now available for your site members!

With Custom Profile Questions, you get to pose whatever set of questions you like to your members. Their answers are then displayed on their profile pages for other members to browse and see. It’s a way to help your members interact and get to know eachother. It also assists with grouping your membership into categories.

As a brief example, a gaming site might pose the following Custom Profile Questions: READ MORE

Hello everyone,

This is Haroon, the CEO and founder of Freewebs.  First off, I want to express how excited I am about all the new features we are releasing and the incredibly creative ways in which you are all using them.  From membership and profiles, to forums and videos, we are seeing an explosion of member activity on sites.  Before the end of year, membership activity will expand to blogs, photo galleries, and guestbooks.

While your sites and your communities are growing and evolving, so too are we.  As part of our growth and focus beyond simple sitebuilding to rich applications and community building features, we have decided to formally change the name of our service from Freewebs to just simply, Webs.  And, we’re adding a tagline.  Grow a site, grow a community. READ MORE

Hello everyone,

This is Haroon, the CEO and founder of Freewebs. First off, I want to express how excited I am about all the new features we have been able to release and the incredibly creative ways in which you are all using them. From membership and profiles, to forums and videos, we have seen an explosion of community activity on your sites. In addition, users really enjoy using our new apps like webstores and calendars to do more with their sites. So as part of our continued growth and evolution as a company, we have also decided to finally formally change the name of our service from Freewebs to just simply, Webs. Nothing in this name change will affect your site, however, you will be seeing a new homepage fairly soon. READ MORE

Hey Everyone,

A few new features and a couple of bug fixes for the Members App.  Here are the new features:

  • Invitations Tracking Page.  Opps, we left that out and now it’s back!  You’ll find it in Manage Members.
  • Send Email Blast page.  You asked for it and we delivered.  It’s now a tab in Manage Members.
  • Complete Profiles.  The Members Page on your site now displays members with profiles and not the members without profiles.
  • No more skipping.  Your members can no longer skip creating a profile when they join your site.

    Video Gallery

    Members with profiles, members who comment (and can also delete comments), members who post to your forum.  Now, what about members adding videos to your site?  Or photos?  Or blog posts?  Or members who can moderate the site blog?  All things to come.  First up, members posting videos to your site.

    In May we added the Video App to Freewebs, and in September we added the Members App.  Today, we’re bringing them together with a Video App upgrade that rolls in members posting. READ MORE


    Over the next two to three weeks, you’ll see several new features on Freewebs. The Fall line-up includes: Rings, Profiles for site members, member commenting, member permissioning, member posting, an upgrade to Forums, and more new templates.

    The first in the line-up will be Rings.

    More to come shortly.

    August Updates

    Good Morning Everyone,

    August is going to be a very busy month for Freewebs. Last week’s big launch of Site Designer was just the beginning! Here is a quick overview of what you can expect to see:

  • Wiki Pages – Is now live! Get your Site Members to contribute content to your site by adding Wiki pages.  To try out a wiki, just add a new page to your site and select ‘wiki’.  This page features:
    1. Add multiple wikis to your site
    2. Each wiki can have an unlimited number of subpages with nested navigation
    3. Content History shows you changes that have happened and lets you revert back to any version at any time
  • New Links App – Now that Wiki is out, we’ll be releasing our next app soon.  It’s called “Links” and it’s a really easy way to create an organized page of links on your site.  It even auto-generates site thumbnails.
  • Calendar Updates – We’re updating calendars with several of the features you’ve requested including:
    1. Add recurring events
    2. Add multi-day events
    3. Rich text editing for the calendar description and event descriptions.
  • Rich text editing –  We are working on giving you an enhancement that many of you have requested: ability to add bold, italic and colored text, pictures and more in app descriptions.  We plan to add this to all App description pages and some additional places as well.
  • Username Changer – The name says it all. You are now able to change your username (for a small fee) directly from your account. You can find this new feature under My Account -> Advanced Settings -> Change User Name.

    Site Designer

    Hi Everyone,

    We are pleased to announce Site Designer is now live! If you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, Site Designer is a brand new tool that allows template customization and site-wide design changes all prior to publishing.

    There are tons of things you can do quickly and easily with the new Site Designer. Here are a few features which you might like to explore:

    • Change & Preview Template – Browse through all available templates and quickly see how your website looks with a new layout before publishing it live.
    • Adjust Background Colors – Now it’s easier then ever to change background colors and insert background images, making the template you love even more customizable.
    • Edit Site Title, Tagline & Footer – The new tool lets you easily change your Site Title, Tagline and Footer.  It also allows you to hide your titles for those of you who have a title in your custom header. (We will also be adding title fonts, colors, and styling in the future)
    • Upload Logo – Now you can adjust the website template even further by uploading your company logo or a favorite photo. Remember, it’s a great way to make the current templates unique.

    What’s great is that you can make and preview all the changes you want prior to publishing them to your site.  Ready? Check it out here: http://fw.members.freewebs.com/s/designer/.  (Note: This feature is for users who use our sitebuilder.  HTML only accounts cannot use this feature). READ MORE

    July Updates

    July has arrived!  This month, we’ll be working away and enjoying the summer heat.  A few things to watch out for in this month:

  • New templates.  You’ll see a few live this week and more later this month.
  • Calendar upgrades.  Recurring events and events spanning multiple days, we’re working on both of those along with a few other requests.
  • Design changes to your site. Sometimes you just want see how your site will look with a new template before you select it.  Same goes for a background image or a site picture/logo.  We agree.  One of the developers has been working on an upgrade for “Edit Titles & Footer”.   After some rigorous testing, we’ll hand it over to you all to test.  We will need your help on this one!
  • Other stuff.  There’s always work to be done, bugs to be fixed and little things that we can improve and we’ll be working on that too.


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