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“Big Data” isn’t a new concept. We have talked about how to use data responsibly, optimize your website based on data, and even how to protect the data you collect.

But, we are missing something; what about utilizing data to make smart, strategic, and effective marketing decisions?

When applying data to your marketing decisions, Teradata’s Global Data-Driven Marketing Survey for 2015 is convincing that you can make better decisions on marketing approach and spending. READ MORE

Pagemodo–a member of the Webs Family of Products–recently conducted a survey to find out how small business owners are using Facebook pages.

The results held good news for entrepreneurs who have business Facebook pages that link to their business websites:

  • 47% said their Facebook pages are pushing a significant amount of traffic to their websites
  • 48% reported that a portion of the traffic converts into customers

To see the full survey results, and to find out what kind of content entrepreneurs are posting on their Facebook pages, check out the Facebook Survey 2011 infographic on the Pagemodo blog.

And if you don’t yet have a Facebook page, what are you waiting for? Make a unique and professional business Facebook page in minutes with Pagemodo and prepare to see an increase in web traffic and lead conversion (as well as more brand exposure)! READ MORE


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