Starting a small business is a dream for many people, but fear of the unknown or even the unfamiliar can keep that dream from becoming a reality.  Not knowing how to attract customers, create a small business website or engage in marketing a small business can hold even the most enthusiastic would be entrepreneur back. Here are seven tips to help you get started on your dream of owning your own small business.

1. Do What You Know

Start with a small business product or idea that you know something about.  Do you see a need for a product or service that others need? Maybe you are passionate about a hobby? Now might be the best time to take that passion and turn it into a blooming business. For example, if you are a photographer, consider opening a camera shop or photography service. Keep in mind, if you know about the product or service you are selling and can share your passion on the topic, it will be much easier for you to makes sales and grow. Network with others that have the same interests and you will have ways to promote your business and may even find your customers within your social circle. READ MORE


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