Another Wednesday has arrived, which means there are only a few days left until the weekend! It also means that we have another delightful website to share with you for this week’s Example Site Wednesday. Today, we showcase Lennox Tartan Design and a beautifully composed website, dedicated to interior design and consultation.

Lennox Tartan Design does a praiseworthy job creating a brand and image. From consistent color schemes to a catchy slogan, Lennox Tartan uses various tactics to effectively brand themselves on their website. Here are a few tips you can follow to brand yourself just as successfully: READ MORE

When faced with the ever-growing list of social media sites, it’s sometimes tempting to turn tail and run. But the latest research suggests that it’s much better to maintain an active presence on just a few leading sites than to walk away from social media entirely.

A recent article on Vistaprint’s Microbusiness Perspectives blog details three key reasons why small businesses should invest in social media. In brief, they are:

– Relationships
– A Real-Time Scorecard
– User Demographics READ MORE

For this week’s Example Site Wednesday, we are going to take a look at KGAS Radio, a website dedicated to the radio station that provides East Texas with the latest news, music, weather and local happenings. Though the website has several strong points, today we’ll focus on the site’s use of a social media toolbar.

Making the decision to add a toolbar to your website will boost your site with interactive features. For instance, KGAS Radio added a Wibiya toolbar of social media widgets and content sharing buttons to the bottom of their site. The eye-catching bar gives visitors lots of fun ways to spread the word about their site. READ MORE

With new marketing channels popping up daily and more and more studies singing the praises of “new media” marketing, it’s easy to let your traditional marketing efforts fall by the wayside. But just as relying solely on the tried and true is a dangerous strategy, so is putting all your eggs in the new media basket.

The infographic below sheds some light on how marketers and business owners are trying to find the balance in today’s market based on a recent study by Pointroll and Kenton Research. READ MORE

Chompy The Shark

There are thousands of articles in the blogosphere today about creating shareable content for your business in the hope that it will go viral. And while posting articles, photos, and videos on your website, blog, and social media sites is certainly a crucial practice (see Why Content Marketing is Important for SEO), what about getting customers to promote your business using some creative offline content?

A great example of this approach is staring though the Webs office window right now. In honor of Shark Week, the Discovery Channel building in Silver Spring, MD is once again sporting a giant, inflatable shark named Chompy – talk about shareworthy! A quick Google search yields dozens of recent results – independently shared by the public – mentioning Chompy in articles, blog posts, Facebook and Twitter updates, and photos on Instagram and Flickr. READ MORE

Whether you have an established small business or are just getting started, you should have a website as an outlet for sales/and or to serve as a platform for showcasing your products and services.  The problem you might face is actually getting people to visit your website. People need to know that your website exists, and they need to know how to find it.

What follows are some suggestions for promoting your small business website so customers and potential customers can find you online. READ MORE

20 Free Places to Promote Your Website Online

Looking to expand your promotional channels? Check out a list of free sites through which you can promote your website.

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Social Media Bookmarking

Sites that help readers to bookmark favorite sites, links and news articles are a great way to spread information about your latest blog post and gain quality backlinks.

  2. StumbleUpon
  3. Digg
  4. Reddit
  5. Pinterest

Online Directories

Submitting your website to popular online directories can help you gain more visibility through targeted searches and increase your website search engine ranking.

  1. Google Local
  2. Yahoo Local
  3. Bing Business Portal
  4. DMOZ
  5. Merchant Circle

Article Marketing

Writing an article specific for your niche interest is a good way to generate notoriety both for yourself and your business, product and website. READ MORE

Web and Social Domain Names

There is an old adage that “the early bird gets the worm.” Back in the 1990s, “domain squatting” was all the rage, where people not even involved with a brand would register the brand’s domain name–like the reporter who registered! Now the battle for domain names has moved over to Twitter and Facebook.

A perfect example of this came last month when a major movie rental service announced it was rebranding and changing its name. The whole campaign hit a bump in the road when they realized someone else had the Twitter handle they wanted, and that person’s tweets would have seriously hurt the brand…let’s just say they weren’t tweeting about movies! READ MORE

Have you ever wished that more people would read  an amazing blog post you wrote? Or maybe you took a hilarious picture of your cat that the world needs to see? Well, worry no more because with the help of Webs’ social buttons your cat could have his own fan-made auto-tuned remix in no time.

Just What are Social Buttons?

Social buttons are links that you can place on your website (usually after some content) that let your visitors share that content with their friends with the click of a button. Here at Webs, we are introducing two new social buttons, Twitter and Google, as well as a revamped Facebook button. Using these social buttons can help increase website traffic and increase your SEO ranking.

The Facebook “Like” Button

As you all know, the “Like” button on Facebook is a way for people to show their appreciation for a friend’s status update or picture. Now, though, you can have this button placed anywhere on the web so that Facebookers can share content to Facebook from anywhere! When a site visitor presses this button, a message will be displayed on their Facebook profile as well as on their friends’ walls, giving your link tons of visibility.


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