It’s a chilly, gloomy Wednesday here in Silver Spring, Maryland, so we’re happy to feature an example site full of beautiful photos of tropical fruits!

Today’s example site, Wilstra Foods, was actually built as part of a recent contest among members of the Webs support team. The challenge was to build a great site using Webs’ SiteBuilder3 platform and using the features to the maximum. And we think today’s website does just that! Which is probably why Damion was the contest winner… READ MORE

A very popular question has surfaced after the release of the new SiteBuilder3: How to add various widgets to my website.

What is a widget?

In the context of website building, a widget is a small application, or a component that allows a user to perform a specific function or access a service.  A few popular widgets include:  chat boxes, badges, clocks, countdowns, weather feeds, news feeds, rss feeds, and more.

How to add a widget?

1. To get started, click on the layout tab at the bottom of the Sitebuilder and select the Custom Html module. READ MORE

The release of SiteBuilder3, website building tool, earlier this month has been very popular with the existing Webs users. The flexibility with which it allows small business owners to create a professional web presence has been unmatched. Webs users have also expressed positive feedback in regards to how SiteBuilder3 is helping them transform existing sites with easy drag and drop features. The latest update is allowing small business owners taken their current sites to the next level. READ MORE

Today we would like to showcase some amazing websites that were built using the new SiteBuilder3 by Webs users just like you. Check out these example and get inspired to let your creativity flow.

The Brain Foundation

Wizard Screens and Gutter

Blissfully Organized LLC

Do you have an amazing website that was built/edited using the new Sitebuilder 3? Post your link below for all to see!

About the Author: Irina Kabigting is Webs’ Social Media Marketing Manager. Get more from Irina on Webs’ Blog and Google+. READ MORE

Your website is a reflection of your business. Adding smart design details can make a world of difference between an average looking site and a dynamic stylish site that appeals to your visitors.

View the following video to learn how to quickly:

  • Add professional photos
  • Style images with frames
  • Customize colors & fonts
  • Add dividers to create visual separation
  • Customize your footer customization

    We are happy to announce the addition of a new module to the selection of available tools on the Webs SiteBuilder3 – Table Module. You can now quickly and easily add tables to your sites with a simple drag & drop option.

    Tables are a great way of placing content into charts like pricing, schedules and menus.

    How to Add A Table to Your Webs Website:

    1. To get started, click on the layout tab at the bottom of the Sitebuilder and select the Table Module.  
    2. Drag the selected module to an empty space on your page where you wish the table to live.To start populating the table, click the designated table header and text areas. 

    Table Module Options

    Table module comes with several options that are displayed when you click on the table while in SiteBuilder. From left to right:

    • Column button – allows you to add a new column to your table. Quick tip: clicking this button multiple times will create multiple evenly-spaced columns.
    • Row button – allows you to add a new row to your table.
    • Table settings – provides additional options to control table header, header color, borders, row colors and background colors for every other row.

    Start adding the table module today and don’t forget to post below examples of how you are using this new feature. READ MORE

    If you have ever wanted to add a rotating slideshow of images along the top of your website, now you can! It’s easier than ever to add an image carousel using Webs new SiteBuilder3.

    How to Get Started:

    1. Click on the “Page Settings” menu and select “Change Page Layout” option.
    2. Select a page layout that supports “The Carousel” banner and click “Save Layout”. You can choose from 3 layout types that support the carousel slideshow. They are: “Banner”, “Banner/Left Sidebar” and “Banner/Right Sidebar”.
    3. Once you selected your page layout, an empty carousel will appear in the banner area of your page layout with an option to “Double Click” to start editing it.

    Adding images to the carousel slideshow is as simple as double-clicking and selecting imagery from uploaded images, free images available via Flickr, or uploading new once. If you are not sure how to add images, please review the following article on how to add images to your website using SiteBuilder3. READ MORE

    The Next Generation of Site Building is Here — SiteBuilder3

    We are thrilled to unveil today our latest SiteBuilder! Over a full year of planning, designing, and development has resulted in our best builder yet.

    The new builder provides you with a fresh take on how to create great, professional looking websites without technical or coding skills. If you know how to drag & drop elements you can build an amazing website in a few minutes.

    We’ve revolutionized and re-vamped the Webs SiteBuilder to give you:

    • A BRAND NEW drag and drop interface – The new Webs interface is now as easy as drag and drop.  Grab modules from the dock, drop them into your page, and click on them to edit in real time.
    • New highly customizable templates – Dozens of brand new, professionally designed, very customizable themes. The new Theme Designer lets you customize backgrounds, colors, fonts, and more to make your theme your own.
    • More design options – A completely new header editor also lets you create a website that can easily match your brand.  We’ve also added an extensive selection of custom fonts, image frames, buttons, icons, and more!
    • More page layout options – New page layouts that support carousel slideshows, sidebars and more. No need to search how to add great imagery to your website, we have done the work for you.
    • Simple Social Media Integration – We’ve also made it easier to connect your visitors to your social profiles, add social widgets, and encourage sharing.

    These are just a few of the dozens of new features in SiteBuilder3, and we’re just getting started!  Try it out and see why SiteBuilder3 really is the next generation of website creation. READ MORE


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