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1. iPromotes’ sophisticated tool automatically scrubs your website and generates 5 different visual ads to help you promote your site. READ MORE

I’m pleased to announce the launch of a feature I’ve had my eyes on for a looong time.  As you all are aware, for years our site owners have requested the ability to have additional “Admins” on their sites.  There are several use cases for this including a group collaborating around a site, or a web designer who wants to administer all of his clients’ sites from one dashboard.  Last year, we released the WebsID system and “master dashboard” which you can now access by logging into webs via your email/password combination.  What we did not have is a way to set admins for your website.  Well now we do!  You can now set members to “Admin” status and give them full editing access to your site (with a few limitations). READ MORE


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