In last week’s example site post, we looked at the practice of displaying clients’ logos as a way to lend credibility to your business and services. But what if your business doesn’t service other companies? That’s where testimonials and reviews come in.

These types of ‘credibility indicators’ are a great way to increase conversions via your website — however you define a conversion. This may mean purchasing an item, signing up for a service, making a reservation, or sending you an inquiry. READ MORE

In a lot of small business marketing articles, you’ll be advised to decide which is more important to you: quality or quantity. And while that can be good advice in some situations, your online review presence is not among them.

Of course you need quality, 5-star reviews – that’s a given. But be aware that the value of those reviews is largely determined by the number of reviewers. A study from Search Engine Land revealed that while people tend to read only 2-3 of your available reviews, the credibility of your star rating is greatly increased when it’s echoed by more reviewers. READ MORE


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