This week we feature a website that helps to reduce stress, one client at a time. The Silver Sage Spa  is where health and beauty walk hand and hand, NATURLLY! When you visit this website you are instantly overcome with a sense of peace and serenity within their welcoming atmosphere. Let’s take a look at what makes this website soothing.

The color scheme is welcoming and serene; the website tagline sets the tone for the website and gears you for a soothing website navigational experience. This website is professional from top to bottom. What we really like is the “Rates & Services” page, a good example of how you should list your services effectively. READ MORE

Have you ever noticed that the way you view a new website and read its content is not the same as if you were reading a book or a newspaper? The reason for this difference is that people scan websites instead of reading every single word. There have been a number of studies conducted to determine the various patterns people use to scan website.

The good news is that you can utilize this information to your advantage in order to help improve your website’s usability and readability. Regardless of the purpose of your website, placing important content in the spots that get scanned the most can help to boost your conversion rates. READ MORE

This Wednesday we are going to be featuring an adventurous website that shows how you can utilize inbound links to drive your website traffic. Our featured website is Adventure Maine, where you can go to find out the many attractions Maine has to offer.

This website is chock full of information about the many things to do in Maine, and today we would like to offer a few suggestions to take this website to the next level:

  • Simplicity can help drive interaction. While a lot of relevant content is important for a website to rank well in search engines, it is important to strike a balance between content and usability. As you look at the homepage, you can see a lot going on and it can be hard for site visitors to know where to go. Discover few tips on how to simplify your homepage.
  • Alignment can help improve readability.  Did you know that a simple step of ensuring that items are aligned and easy to view on your website can improve your website readability? Thus our next tip for this website would be to ensure all content is centered and spaced correctly. Clear content can help to make your website call-to-action stand out more.  Learn how to build a call to action that can boost conversion rates.
  • Intuitive navigation can boost retention rates. If website visitors can’t quickly and easily locate specific information they are more likely to leave your website and head for the nearest competitor. Deter this from happening by simplifying your navigation bar. 3 Tips for a more intuitive website navigation.

Take today as a reflection day to look over your website one more time to see if you can apply the above mentioned tips to improve your website interaction, readability and retention rates. Think your website has what it takes to be showcased next week? Comment below! READ MORE

Yesterday we asked our Facebook fans what they think are the top elements, building blocks, which make up a good website. Results show that a large portion of Webs users believe that a good design makes a good website.

Today, let’s dive into some of these elements a bit more to see how they can contribute to helping you make a good website.


Design is a very vague word as it encompasses all the visual elements used on your website. Items such as the theme you use, font(s), logo, colors and layout contribute to your overall website design. Here are few items you should consider when working on your website design:
    — Theme — The theme or template you choose for your website should be consistent throughout all your pages. It should reflect the style and image you want to project on the web. Good themes are focused, understandable and apparent.
    — Fonts — The style of lettering you utilize on your website should be easy to read not only for you but for your intended target audience. For example, if your website is geared towards the older generation, try to select fonts that might be slightly larger and easier to read. There is a whole science behind choosing the right font for your website. Check-out the following article by Derek Halpern if you would like to learn more: What’s the best font for your site? (The psychology of fonts)
    — Logo — Your website logo and name are usually the first thing visitors notice. So, it’s important to create one that portrays what you stand for, is easy to remember and can be easily ported. Meaning your logo can be used both on the web and in print mediums. Here’s a few website logo design tips.
    — Colors — The colors you use on your website also make a huge impact on how it is perceived. According to KISSmetrics, 93% of a consumer’s decision making process comes from visual appearance and 85% comes from color. Colors have the ability to evoke an emotional response. When selecting colors for your website, try to think about the goal of your website and whom you wish to target. Discover Basic Color Scheming and How Do Colors Affect Purchases? READ MORE

As part of our weekly series of showcasing example sites and providing helpful tips on how you can improve your website, this week we have selected to review Pamper Parties Pittsburgh. This is a website for a mobile spa business that can be awesome with just a few tweaks.

Let’s start out by focusing on what the site owner does well. Pamper Parties Pittsburgh is a great website title. It clearly describes what the business offers and where it is located. This site also does a nice job of using relevant keywords and offering an easy to understand site description.

So what can the owner do to improve this website?


Layout Style

Header Style

Accent Color