Have you ever wanted to showcase your website right on Facebook? Now you can! If you run a Facebook Fan Page for your business website, you can quickly and easily publish your website as a new tab using Pagemodo. (Not to worry, you do not need to know how to code or design in order to use this tool).

Did we mention that it is 100% free?

To add your website as a new tab on your Facebook Page using Pagemodo you will need to utilize the iFrame tab option. This option almost magically allows you to pull your website information and display it right on Facebook. Best part, once you have connected your website using this option, it will automatically update every time you publish/update your website! READ MORE

For our Webs users who use Facebook for their business (and if you aren’t, you should be): Facebook recently announced sweeping changes that are going to affect the way you communicate with your fans. The biggest and first change you’ll probably notice is that your number of Facebook impressions may be going down. Why? Because–as many users say–Facebook is “too fast.”

This means that your content is still making it to your fans’ streams but so is everyone else’s content. Most likely your posts are being quickly pushed down in news feeds by their friends’ posts about football and baby photos. Now it’s more important than ever to come up with a social strategy that emphasizes engagement. READ MORE

Photography websites are a unique because the main content on the website consists of mostly images, rather than text. If you are running a photography website, here are some key elements you should incorporate into your website to make your photographs stand out.


A popular trend in photography websites nowadays is minimalism. This aspect is key, since your website should ultimately highlight, rather than detract, from your pictures. Not only should your layout be clean and simplistic, but so should your color scheme. Using a dark background, especially black, will increase the appearance of contrast in your photographs. Employing the theme of minimalism in all aspects of your site will be sure to keep the focus on your art, rather than the website. Check out the Webs template titled “Darkroom,” which was designed specifically for the needs of photographers. READ MORE

As you may know, Pagemodo is a hugely popular do-it-yourself solution for making beautiful custom tabs for Facebook business pages. Pagemodo joined the Webs Family of Products in early 2011. Did you know that over 200,000 businesses are already using Pagemodo, and that over 3.4 million visitors interact with a Facebook page powered by Pagemodo each month?

Today, we are launching a revolutionized Pagemodo with feature-packed custom tabs, more templates, and an easier way to create and edit your pages launches today. The company’s website, Pagemodo.com, has also been revamped to give it a fresh look and feel. READ MORE

In 2010, Facebook boasted over 500 million active users, and about half of their active users sign on each day. That is a huge amount of people who could potentially look at your site. This makes Facebook a great way to publicize your website and to help you get more traffic.

So, how do you start promoting your website on Facebook? Facebook offers a range of site-promotion features, but today we’re going to focus on the free and simple steps you can take to start publicizing your site on Facebook. READ MORE

We think the Webs Site Builder is fantastic. It’s easy to use. It’s intuitive. It’s powerful. But it’s always nice to get validation from an outside source, such as from the Interactive Media Awards (IMA).

On April 4, 2011, IMA awarded the Webs.com Site Builder with Outstanding Achievement for excellence in design, development, and implementation.

IMA judges considered the Site Builder’s design, usability, technical innovation, standards compliance, and content, and determined that the Site Builder is “pretty and smells nice.” No, wait, that was my own assessment. IMA said that the Webs Site Builder “surpassed the standards of excellence that comprise the web’s most professional work.” READ MORE

Are you ready to launch a Facebook Page for your business? Do you want a professional touch without the hassle? Tell us right away!

For a very limited time, we are giving away 5 free, custom-designed Facebook Pages (hosted on Pagemodo, our DIY Facebook Page builder platform). Whether you’re just starting out, or want to transform your current Facebook Page, this is a chance not to be passed up!

So ask yourself: Does your business need to be on Facebook? Could your current Facebook Fan Page use a new Welcome Tab? We want to hear from you! READ MORE

Today we are excited to announce the addition of Pagemodo to the Webs family of products.  Pagemodo joins the Webs website-building solution you know and love and ContactMe, a lightweight CRM tool, to form a suite of online tools for small business growth.

Pagemodo’s Pagebuilder is an online tool that enables small businesses to design their own custom Facebook pages for free and with ease.

Try the Pagemodo Pagebuilder Today!

Why Pagemodo?

Small businesses are increasingly turning to Facebook as a new marketing channel for attracting customers and promoting their businesses. Thanks to Pagemodo’s Pagebuilder, entrepreneurs don’t need to have any technical or design skills to add tabs–such as a “Welcome” tab–to their Facebook fan pages.

The result is a Facebook fan page that is fresh, stylish, and informative. If you compare a Pagemodo Facebook page to a non-Pagemodo Facebook page, it’s like looking at the difference between a professionally-produced TV commercial and local business’s homemade commercial…but in this case, you get to make the glossy, impressive version in a matter of minutes, and for free!


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