Since our theme on the blog this month has been building community around your business, it seems appropriate that our Webs user example site today should be about community as well. A bit of a departure since we are not talking about marketing a business in this edition, instead we’re going to look at a great website created by a group of high school students in Los Angeles to help in the effort to combat bullying.

The website is the project of Middle College High School students Chinonso Anokwute, Rigoberto Flores Trigo, Carla Torres, Marquis Mark, Maria Espericueta, Zaria Keaton, Stephanie Henriquez, and Miguel Morales. These self-titled Whiz Kids participated in The Aspen Challenge in 2013, a program in which LA area students came together to work on issues that matter to them and present their solutions. READ MORE

When you run a non-profit, you work just as hard and put just as much energy in as any other business — only with a fraction of the budget. So it’s essential that you learn how to do more with less.

Luckily, there is this wonderful tool called the Internet that levels the playing field and allows non-profits to reach a vastly broader audience than they ever could using traditional media.

The first place to start is with your website. This is your number one resource. If you have no time or energy for any other promotional activities, make sure you at least have a robust and well-built website. Websites today can be very inexpensive to build and maintain if you choose the right solution (we, of course, recommend this one). In our increasingly digital world, your website is most likely the way that almost everyone will first interact with your organization. It’s your storefront, your billboard, and your communications center. READ MORE


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