We are proud to announce the launch of Facebook Connect integration on the Webs platform!

You can now harness the power of the world’s most popular social network to enhance your sites’ community interaction, bolster site traffic and drive brand awareness.

How does it work?

The new Facebook Connect feature allows for a smooth, seamless integration of Facebook directly with your Members App.

When enabled, your site visitors can join your site with their Facebook accounts, bypassing the need to remember a new password.  Existing members can also login with Facebook and link their current member profile with their Facebook accounts.  Members who login with Facebook Members can then use their Facebook identity to interact with your site and can even choose to post back comments and status updates to their Facebook news feed –promoting their content (and yours) to a massive community on Facebook! READ MORE

Earn up to $200 Referring Customers to Webs.com!

We are proud to announce the launch of Webs Affiliate Program. Now you can make money by sharing the proven benefits of Webs.com (used by over 50 million people already) with the rest of the world. Help our community grow and in the process earn cold hard cash!

Why apply?

  • Generous 50% revenue payout!
  • It is FREE and easy to join
  • Unlimited referrals to maximize your earning potential
  • Operated through secure Google Affiliate Network
  • Timely monthly payouts, tracking, and reports through Google

How to get started?

Step 1: Apply now and get approved to join our program through Google Affiliate Network.

Step 2: Have friends, family and visitors sign up for Webs by clicking on the special affiliate banners and links you put on your website or email. READ MORE

A small update was released earlier today to make a bigger impact in your web stores!

Now, when your visitors go to view a product they have the option to click on its thumbnail to bring up a popover of the full-size version of the product image.

This is something that some of you have been requesting for a while and we listened.

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You can now use your Webs credits to purchase unlimited number of pages for your free sites in the credit shop.

Couple Key Points:
– Unlimited number of pages can now be bought for 800 credits
– This item is only available for non-premium sites, since premium users already have unlimited pages
– Unlimited number of pages expires after 12 months of purchasing

Where to redeem Domain Coupons?
Coupons can be redeemed on domain names page HERE.

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This morning we made some changes to our commenting system, mostly to reduce spam comments in our system.  Comment threads on apps now have a new link that appears when a comment is hovered over that says “report as spam”. Only members of a site who are logged in will see this feature. Each member can only report each comment one time.
When a comment is reported, a couple things happen:
– If a comment is reported 3 times, it is automatically collapsed

– The flagging is logged in our database so we can do analysis on spammers and block them across the network READ MORE

Friends and Private Messages

We’ve pushed out updates for all member profiles today. Now you and your users can add friends and private message each other. To see all the new features, check out a profile on your site – you should see three new sections.

The Main Tab contains a profile summary, a recent activity feed, and a comments section. New to this tab is the actions box that allows you to send the user a message or add them as a friend.

The Info Tab contains a more granular look into a users profile. READ MORE


The Guestbook page has been completely upgraded to better work with the social features your sites have. Here’s a brief outline of what’s new:

– Entries which your site members post are now tied to their profiles
– Users can reply to previous guestbook comments
– Settings are available for you to decide who can post entries
– Rich text is included
– Ability to edit and delete comments
– A newer and better look and feel

Best of all, you can migrate all of your old guestbook entries over to the new Guestbook with a click of just one button! READ MORE

Members and Profiles

Custom Profile Questions are now available for your site members!

With Custom Profile Questions, you get to pose whatever set of questions you like to your members. Their answers are then displayed on their profile pages for other members to browse and see. It’s a way to help your members interact and get to know eachother. It also assists with grouping your membership into categories.

As a brief example, a gaming site might pose the following Custom Profile Questions: READ MORE

Members and Profiles

Next in the Fall lineup are profiles for your site members, plus the new “Members” app.  Both are stepping stones for additional features to come.

Site Member Profiles
Our goal is for your site visitors to be able to join your sites as members.  They’ll be able to login with a single identity (we call it the WebsID) and access your various site features, such as viewing protected pages, commenting on your blog or forum, and even uploading photos and videos. Of course, you can decide what to enable and what to disable – your community, your rules. READ MORE

Check this out

Today we launched a new members’ home page.  Why a new Member Homepage?  Good question.   The new page displays the information a site owner needs to see immediately and here’s a run down of what that information is:

Account type.  Free? Ad Free? Starter? Enhanced? Pro?  Domain? It’s right here.  If you have more than one account, this is very useful.

Site Members.  How many?  You’ll know.  Need to manage your members?  Easy, there’s a link directly to that page.  This feature will become more important as more members join your site. READ MORE


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