Take a break from your tough Wednesday by taking a look at the awesome website we are showcasing on our example site blog post!

This week we are showcasing Halo: Next Generation, a community based website revolving around the Halo video games. We know that a site like this isn’t the typical site that we would showcase on Example Site Wednesday, but HNG has a very effective site that anybody can learn from. Take a look for yourself before we break down their site for you:

In addition to a well designed and organized site, HNG takes advantage of some very essential Webs features including:

  • Members app to allow visitors to sign up as members to gain exclusive content.
  • Calendar app to display important dates of holidays and events.
  • Contact page to allow visitors a simple way to contact the site owner and to add credibility.

A common problem that we hear from a lot of site owners is: How to make site members more active?

It is Wednesday and we have another awesome new site to showcase today! This week we chose a site that is utilizing one of our new templates that we just released last week. Silent War Birds is site dedicated to providing information, pictures, and videos of military aircraft. They made use of our Strong template. Take a look for yourself:

We like how ‘Silent War Birds’ took a different take on what the template originally looked like by adding a custom background. Not sure how to edit your background? Learn How.

Silent War Birds is making great use of Webs features and utilizes several of our popular apps including:

There aren’t enough Wednesdays in a year for the number of awesome websites we have been looking through and our contests! That’s why once again we had to push our Example Site Wednesday by one day.

Choosing the example site is pretty tough with all of the competition, but this week BasicSocial came out as the winner. BasicSocial is a social network that uses Webs features to power its site. They recently went through a design change. Check it out for yourself:

BasicSocial caught our eye with their redesign because their site is usually bright and playful, but we can definitely stand behind the cause of their redesign. We think it is awesome that they are getting behind a green revolution and becoming more eco-friendly. Going with a darker pallet has helped BasicSocial to create a simple and polished look and feel. Check out some awesome Webs features that they use:

It’s Wednesday already, so that means another example site! This week we take a look at Daxton’s Fish, a website dedicated to the fight against Neuroblastoma, also known as Pediatric Cancer.

Daxton’s Fish not only uses Webs features for a great cause, but they built a great website as well. With a simple design, awesome header (learn more), and easy navigation, the site is super user-friendly and entices visitors to explore more.

Daxton Fish’s ability to create relationships with their visitors is exceptional, and having these key Webs features doesn’t hurt either: READ MORE


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