The “About Us” section of your website should provide in-depth information about yourself, the website creator, and the purpose of your small business (if applicable). According to, “the about me page is one of the most overlooked pages in development, but highest ranked page on many websites”.

Since this page gets so much online visibility, it is important to utilize it to its full potential. Let’s start by first identifying why a site visitor might come to your about us page: READ MORE

This week we would like to showcase a website with clear calls to action: Building Repair Cost Consulting (BRCC).  Site owners also took into consideration a lot of design elements to ensure their website provides a simple way for visitors to browse.  Check it out for yourself:

Looking over this website, there is just a small suggestion we would like to offer to the owner of BRCC — try putting more emphasis on the benefits your services provide.  Adding benefit focused copy will answer the vital question all visitors seek: “What’s in it for me”.  Here are some suggestions on the type of statements BRCC could emphasize:

  • “With BRCC, you will not have to worry about overpaying contractors.”
  • “Using BRCC you will gain a piece of mind when it comes to major renovations”.

Looking to add benefits focused copy to your website? Here are a few tips you can utilize:

Regardless of the purpose of your website, you always want your website visitors to stick around and perform specific actions. These actions can vary from being something simple as viewing your online portfolio, discovering your product offering, signing up to receive regular email updates or making a purchase.

While website design and good layout can get the visitors to stay on your website and browse around, it doesn’t mean that they’ll click or purchase. This is where a good call to action comes in.

What is a call to action?

According to, call to action is a set words that urge the reader, listener, or viewer of a sales promotion message to take an immediate action, such as “Write Now,” “Call Now,” or (on Internet) “Click Here.”

When it comes to a good call to action, every element matters and has impact contributing to your website’s conversion rates. Here are some things to consider and test when it comes to Call to Action treatments:

  • Is it a link or a button?
  • Look of the button
  • Size of the text
  • Placement on your website page
  • Colors used

Has a friend ever sent you a link to a funny or interesting YouTube video? The ease with which videos are shared among friends, family, and coworkers is one of the reasons why video marketing is the next big trend. Not only are videos more entertaining and engaging than text, they also increase SEO rankings. According to Forrester Research, video increases a web page’s likelihood for a front-page Google search result by 96 percent.

Nowadays, videos have become the next great way to give your website, and your company, a strong online presence. Here are some ways in which you can use videos to brand your company and drive traffic to your site: READ MORE

There are two types of users that visit a website. The first group consists of the informed users. These individuals already know what it is that they’re looking for on a given page, and are visiting to obtain something specific. The second group is the curious users. They reach your site through a search engine or a series of links from another page, and want to see what you’ve got going on. It’s important to optimize your site in such a way that you tailor to the needs of both groups without making it difficult to move around.

When the informed user loads the page, their eyes will more than likely go straight to your navigation bar. Oftentimes this leads to the idea that everything should be placed in the menu for easy location, but in reality it’s much more difficult to find what you’re looking for in a sea of links. Assume we visit the website of a dog breeder, and we want to get information about poodles. (Fig. 1)

Example Website

We’ve now read through all of those poorly organized links only to discover that there are no poodles. It would be much easier for the informed user if we had our navigation sorted out in a much easier to read manner and slimmed down to make important information easy to find.


Layout Style

Header Style

Accent Color