New Template

Last week, we added the template “Simple”, before that, “Clean Splash”.  This week’s addition is “Time“.  As you might expect, there are three motifs, one for each time of day: Day, Evening (or Morning), and Night.

Take a look and enjoy! [LINK]


New Forum

I’m pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved Forums tool – now available for all of you to add to your sites.  Here’s a summary of new features the Forums have to offer.

New features:

1. Works seamlessly with your Site Members and Profiles – Your site members login and comment on your forum using the same username and password they use to access your member pages, and post comments on photos and videos.  In addition, their profile pictures show up when they post and link back to their profiles on your site. READ MORE

Members and Profiles

Next in the Fall lineup are profiles for your site members, plus the new “Members” app.  Both are stepping stones for additional features to come.

Site Member Profiles
Our goal is for your site visitors to be able to join your sites as members.  They’ll be able to login with a single identity (we call it the WebsID) and access your various site features, such as viewing protected pages, commenting on your blog or forum, and even uploading photos and videos. Of course, you can decide what to enable and what to disable – your community, your rules. READ MORE

New Photo Uploader

Do you have 20, 30, 40 or 50 vacation photos that you need to upload?  Or family photos? Or business photos?  Or any kind of photos?  Yes?  Well then, head off to your photo gallery and try out the new multi-photo uploader.  We’ve tested it and it looks pretty good.  Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.



New Templates

It’s been a while coming and you all have been waiting.  Here you have two new templates: Outdoors Modern and Enlightened.  Throughout the summer, new templates will roll out.  Think of them as a little something to look forward to as the summer heat arrives.  You can view the new templates here.

Before July 4th, we’ll have a few enhancements for you.  Two that I know will be ready are integrating Picnik with Photo Galleries and the ability to purchase privacy protection after you’ve purchased a domain (many people have asked TechSupport for this) and there will be a variety of small things rolling out throughout the week. READ MORE


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