We are excited to announce the launch of a new feature added to your Blog App – Networked Blogs!

Blogging regularly is one of the best ways to keep people coming back to your site, and now with Networked Blogs, there’s a way to bring in even more visitors! By automatically posting your latest entries to Facebook (with the powerful Facebook Connect) you can ensure that your site will get vastly more exposure.

How to enable Networked Blogs

1.  Go to your Site manager and select to edit your blog

2.  Visit the Settings page of your Blog App.  There you will see this button: READ MORE

The Voicemail app from UHaveAudio is now live in the App Store, give your visitors a great way to contact you! With a toll-free number or recording straight to your site, there’s no barrier for them to place custom orders, ask questions or contact you for anything, at any time!

Plus, with its automatic notification system, there is no need to monitor it yourself! Receive an e-mail anytime you get a new message, so you can be flexible without being on the clock!

  • Listen to messages online or on the phone
  • Records the caller’s phone number along with the date and time the message was received
  • Access your messages from any computer
  • A toll-free number with your own extension
  • And more!

Get the Voicemail App today! Let us know what you think in the comments. READ MORE

If you want to check out the features of the new Facebook Connect and see how to add it to your own site, you can watch the video  now!

Where can I learn more?

See our earlier Blog post for a step-by-step guide to enabling Facebook Connect. Watch the video above to see where you can add Facebook Connect and all the great social networking features that come with it.

How do I add Facebook Connect to my site?

Click here and use the use the video or blog post as a guide; it takes just a couple of minutes and you will extend your site’s reach massively. READ MORE

We are proud to announce the launch of Facebook Connect integration on the Webs platform!

You can now harness the power of the world’s most popular social network to enhance your sites’ community interaction, bolster site traffic and drive brand awareness.

How does it work?

The new Facebook Connect feature allows for a smooth, seamless integration of Facebook directly with your Members App.

When enabled, your site visitors can join your site with their Facebook accounts, bypassing the need to remember a new password.  Existing members can also login with Facebook and link their current member profile with their Facebook accounts.  Members who login with Facebook Members can then use their Facebook identity to interact with your site and can even choose to post back comments and status updates to their Facebook news feed –promoting their content (and yours) to a massive community on Facebook! READ MORE

The Google Translator is now available for your site! Put it on your site now and let your users translate your site to their language.

How does it work?

We have users and visitors from all over the world, and while some things are universal, we know how important it is that your sites be accessible to everyone. With this widget, which supports over 50 languages, your visitors can instantly translate your entire site into their own language.

The widget sits in your sidebar, all a user has to do is select which language they want and your site will be translated immediately. READ MORE

We are always striving to improve ourselves and the services we provide you.  As part of this evolution, we are proud to announce the launch of a brand new support portal page.

Now you can get everything you need all in one spot!  Report bugs for our engineers, post ideas on how we can improve, and get your questions answered by our staff and other users.

How to find the new Support page:

Click on the Support button located in the top right-hand corner of your account

Special addition for our premium users: READ MORE

A small update was released earlier today to make a bigger impact in your web stores!

Now, when your visitors go to view a product they have the option to click on its thumbnail to bring up a popover of the full-size version of the product image.

This is something that some of you have been requesting for a while and we listened.

Until next time,


We are proud to announce a brand new addition to the App store – Locations App. The app is perfect for all business owners and is designed to make giving directions for your business quick, simple and professional.

Add your address, contact information, hours of operation and more. With built-in mapping software powered by Google, the app will automatically generate an interactive map with your location and let your visitors get turn-by-turn directions from their location right on your site! Your visitors can also conveniently print the map and directions with the click of a button. READ MORE

You asked for it and we listened.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Rich Text Email Blasts.  Now, when sending an email blast, you can include rich text features like bold, font sizes, colors, and pictures.  These features make for much more interesting emails for your members.  You can also put in your own custom HTML.  The new feature even has an “email preview” so you can see how it looks before sending it off.

Currently this is a premium members only feature. READ MORE


Yes we now have Apps!

We are proud to announce that Webs.com is launching an App Store.  The App Store offers you an easy place to find and install new Apps for your sites.  While some apps are designed by Webs, several have been developed by third parties exclusively for Webs users!  The store has some great new apps like:

–  Appointments – Let your customers schedule appointments right from your website
–  Meebo IM – Let your members see and instant message each other on your site
–  Testimonials – Collect and display testimonials from your customers READ MORE


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