As you can imagine we see thousands upon thousands of websites on daily basis. From time to time, we notice trends. Today, I would like to share with you one such trend that popped up when it comes to information contained (or more specifically, seems to be missing) from a lot of small business websites.

Here’s is a small check-list of very basic key elements that all small business websites should contain:

1. Business Name – This seems like such a simple element, but you will be surprised how many site owners forget to put it at the top of the their website or place their FULL business name. READ MORE

A widely requested feature has been added to our product offering today. You can now set custom meta and title tags for each individual page on your website! This is an important feature for Search Engine Optimization purposes and is available for Premium Customers Only.

Not Premium? Upgrade Now.

What are Meta Tags?

Meta Tag information is not visible to your website visitors.  Instead, it is placed into your website code to help define what is on your page. Information placed within Meta Tag section helps describe your website content to search engines and helps with your search engine ranking.Adding individual Meta Tags will help your site to show up higher on Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines.

We are always striving to improve ourselves and the services we provide you.  As part of this evolution, we are proud to announce the addition of another way you can contact our support team quickly and conveniently through Support Tab on our Facebook page!

How to find the new Support Tab:

1. Log on to your Facebook account and go to page.

2. Click on the Support tab

3. Presto! You are ready to ask questions, share ideas, report a problem and more!

As always, we welcome your feedback. READ MORE

Facebook made some major announcements today about “making the web more social”.  In a nutshell, they’ve released a bunch of tools for websites to integrate Facebook functionality in them.  Here’s the link to the site with the widgets:

Couple things:
– We are working on getting these into the Widget Bank ASAP
– We will be updating our share button to also have the new Facebook ‘like’ button

Also, and most importantly, there are a few of the new facebook widgets that require “Facebook’s Javascript SDK”.  For example, they have a commenting box widget that you can put anywhere on your site and it will add a facebook comment box. READ MORE

Did you spot the small update we released yesterday? You can now quickly and easily manage your WebsId settings all from the comfort of your dashboard!

What you can edit:

– WebsID (email address)

– Password

– Update your Profile Name, Gender, Location & Date of Birth

– If you wish, you can easily delete WebsID from the new settings window

How to Access Dashboard?

– Dashbaord is the first page you see when you log in using email address/password combination READ MORE

We rolled out some changes to the way international characters worked on our platform to support more characters.

There was a bug with older content that had been posted so we rolled back the change.  We’ve made an update to older content yesterday and have rolled out the changes again.  We are continuing to tweak a few things, for example with comments.  Typically it would mean some characters showing up as ??? on your site.

Let us know if you find any other issues.


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