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After weeks of begging, you’ve convinced your boss to let you work from home. Remote working! It’s the dream, right? As a freelance writer and remote worker myself, I can tell you that the rumors are all true: working from home is the best. I can work while the laundry’s going. I can take the dog for a walk whenever he needs to go. I can pace around when I’m mulling over an idea or a turn of phrase without disturbing anyone. I can work whenever I feel most productive, whether that’s at 9:00 a.m. sharp, or at two in the morning when inspiration suddenly strikes out of the blue. READ MORE


Did you know that over half of the small businesses in the United States are run out of a home office? According to the SBA, 52% of small businesses are home based—that’s nearly 14 million at last official count. Are you among them?

Most often, a new business is launched from an existing home. That is to say, very few people are starting a business and buying a home at the exact same time. What this means is that many people do not factor a home office in as a priority when house-hunting, and only realize later on that they need one. READ MORE

People often envy those who are able to work from home, noting how much easier the workday would be if they could do the same. However, a recent study by OnlineDegrees.com suggests that working from home is on the long list of things easier said than done. (See infographic below)

When asked where they are most productive, the highest proportion (37%) of the telecommuters reported that they are actually more efficient at the office than at home. Home was the choice for 29%, and the rest reported a mix of the two. READ MORE


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