Unless you live under a rock, you are surely aware that global warming has become a growing concern all around the world. The proof is right before our eyes in the daily news: heat waves, drought, freak storms, polar ice caps melting, etc. Most of us are not scientists who can find a magic remedy for global warming reversal, but there are some smaller things each of us can all do to shrink our carbon footprints in an effort to make a difference. The same can be said for your small business website and the environment in which you run day-to-day operations. READ MORE

Happy Example Site Wednesday Everyone!

With International Earth Day just a few days away, we thought it would be amazing to showcase one of our websites that is helping to save our beautiful earth!

Our Example Site Wednesday comes from Simply Birgit that provides organic, raw and fair trade skin care products.  Let’s take a look at their website, because the simplistic yet sophisticated beauty of this site is extraordinary.

Simply Birgit does a great job of showcasing their products by proudly displaying images of top products front and center on the homepage. This simple action allows visitors to quickly understand what the website is about and sets expectations of available products and their look. The skin care products found on this site are raw and natural, so to capture that essence Simply Birgit created a simple website that, like her products does not feature any unnecessary ingredients that throw off the main objective. We also love the ‘Call-To-Action’ message on the homepage; it is clear, straight to the point and invokes a specific reaction. READ MORE

It’s Example Site Wednesday and this week we are showcasing an awesome site that is useful for parents, green and ridiculously cute. GoGreen Pocket Diapers is an online store that sells fun patterned, reusable cloth diapers. Check out this fun site below:

cloth diapers for the rest of us

GoGreen is another clean cut website that we can get behind. We love that the site provides more than just a store to sell products. Instead, they provide a wealth of information on the topic as well in their FAQ section. Check out some other great Webs tools they use:


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