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In the digital age, it becomes easier and easier to build your business with virtual toolkits filled with software and apps that can help your small business function like big business.

But at the same time, we know that the same technology can change in the blink of an eye and unveil a whole new toolbox of resources that can grow your business.

With 63 million Americans telecommuting by 2016 (Global Workplace), it makes sense to evaluate if your own business is providing the necessary technology to keep current employees happy and prospective employees knocking as the typical workday shifts from office to home. READ MORE

On Wednesday of this week, we talked about Google Places for Business and how your small business can benefit from starting or claiming a local Google+ page (and how that’s different from a social Google+ page you might already have).

Today we’re going to look at another aspect of Google Places for Business. The first step to successful local marketing with Google is setting up all of the free features available to you through Google Places for Business. These are the items we covered in Wednesday’s post, such as setting up your page and providing accurate information that will allow customers to find you, learn about you, and connect with you through ratings and reviews. READ MORE

As part of our series on small business time management and efficiency, today we’re doing a roundup of keyboard shortcuts for popular social media sites! While some people prefer to point and click, many argue that it’s much faster and more efficient to use keystokes whenever possible. Try out the shortcuts below and let us know if you feel like they save you time!

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt+?:     Search
Alt+m:   Compose a new message
Alt+1:    Home page
Alt+2:    Your profile page
Alt+3:    Friend requests
Alt+4:    Your messages
Alt+5:    Notifications
Alt+6:    Account page
Alt+7:    Privacy
Alt+8:    Facebook’s Facebook page
Alt+9:    Facebook Terms/Agreement
Alt+0:    Facebook help center READ MORE


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