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Without Navbar Update

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of drop-down menus on sites!

This update has been requested by many users, and has been in the works for quite some time here at Webs.   It’s a simple feature with huge implications; drop-down menus allow you to clean up the navigation bar on your website, better organizing your website and creating a more focused and guided experience for your site visitors.

See your website go from this:


To this:


Comment Box

We launched 4 new Facebook widgets!

You may have already seen that Facebook announced their plans to “make the web more social”. Along with these plans, they also announced that they will be making various Facebook features available on other websites. Well, Webs is proud to announce that we will be making these features available on your sites, today!

The widgets available now are:

Comment Box

This widget allows your users to post comments on your site. These comments will then show up on their Facebook News Feed, as well as their friends’ News Feed. READ MORE

We have added a new feature to our Photo Gallery which is a Slideshow only mode.

Choosing the new setting will streamline your gallery page to show just your albums.  And clicking on the album will bring up the slideshow (no intermediate pages, individual image pages, etc.).  Other links that are more useful for the social gallery, like most commented, most recent, and the search box also get removed and social publishing gets turned off.

How to Activate Slideshow only mode?

1. Go to the Settings portion of your Photo Gallery App READ MORE

Did you spot the small update we released yesterday? You can now quickly and easily manage your WebsId settings all from the comfort of your dashboard!

What you can edit:

– WebsID (email address)

– Password

– Update your Profile Name, Gender, Location & Date of Birth

– If you wish, you can easily delete WebsID from the new settings window

How to Access Dashboard?

– Dashbaord is the first page you see when you log in using email address/password combination READ MORE

I’m pleased to announce the launch of a feature I’ve had my eyes on for a looong time.  As you all are aware, for years our site owners have requested the ability to have additional “Admins” on their sites.  There are several use cases for this including a group collaborating around a site, or a web designer who wants to administer all of his clients’ sites from one dashboard.  Last year, we released the WebsID system and “master dashboard” which you can now access by logging into webs via your email/password combination.  What we did not have is a way to set admins for your website.  Well now we do!  You can now set members to “Admin” status and give them full editing access to your site (with a few limitations). READ MORE


Yes we now have Apps!

We are proud to announce that is launching an App Store.  The App Store offers you an easy place to find and install new Apps for your sites.  While some apps are designed by Webs, several have been developed by third parties exclusively for Webs users!  The store has some great new apps like:

–  Appointments – Let your customers schedule appointments right from your website
–  Meebo IM – Let your members see and instant message each other on your site
–  Testimonials – Collect and display testimonials from your customers READ MORE

As you have probably noticed, things look a little different around here. We’ve made several changes, some cosmetic, some structural to make it easier to navigate and use our services.Also, as promised, you now have access to the new Master Dashboard.

How do you use it? When you go to, instead of logging in with your site’s username and password, login with your WebsID. Your WebsID is an email/password combination and is what you use to join and access your website. (if you don’t have a websID, you can sign up for one by visiting: http://[your site here] READ MORE


As you know, we are going through improvements for each of our apps. We recently updated photos, forums, and webstores. Now its time for a Calendar Update. This new release adds several new and exciting features that have come from your suggestions and requests.

What’s new?

  • RSS feeds: Visitors can now subscribe to your calendar with an RSS feed that shows upcoming events (there’s a new icon at the bottom of your calendar)
  • Event Locations: You can now add a location to each event posted with the option of turning on a link to a Google map for quick directions.
  • Calendar Overlays: You can now choose to overlay some default calendars (examples: national holidays, religious holidays, phases of the moon) on top of your site calendar. This new feature is found in the Calendar Settings. These events added through calendar overlays can be toggled on/off. They are only on the calendar view and do not have event views. You can also import events from any calendar in iCal format.
  • Social Publishing (shared calendars): Your members can now add events to your calendar based on their permissions. You can choose the required membership level for posting one-time and recurring events from the Calendar settings (you can also turn it off from here).

We’ve spent more time on QA this time around and hope you’ve enjoyed the smoother launch. I look forward to your feedback.



PS – one thing we have not yet added is RSVPs for events. This is however something we plan on adding as well. READ MORE


Hello all, Haroon here giving you a quick update.  Many premium members have been asking for an easier way to create a store.  So we built a product specifically for you called Web Stores.  Its still in beta but we wanted to release it quickly so you guys could start using it.  This is premium product, meaning that free users only have access to limited features.

With your new Store, you will also get the following features:

  • Organize products in categories
  • Add options to each product (ex: colors, sizes, etc.)
  • Customize your payment complete and payment cancelled pages
  • View/manage cart page (on your site) with the ability for your buyers to manage items in their cart before checking out (which happens at paypal)

Here’s how to use the new Web Stores product: READ MORE


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