With spring finally here (at least for our part of the world), it’s time for us here at Webs to start working on our beach bods. Making Webs the best website builder requires a lot of time spent at our computers, so we sometimes neglect our crunches. While searching for a calorie busting workout program, we came across an awesome program that is being promoted right on a Webs site! Cheerobics is a website that promotes a unique workout method that combines cheerleading and aerobics. The website looks awesome and we think you should all check it out for yourself:

The site design is great. We love how all of the elements are seamless. The header, the background, even the content all flow seamlessly together. Take a look at some of the Webs features that they take advantage to enhance their site:

There aren’t enough Wednesdays in a year for the number of awesome websites we have been looking through and our contests! That’s why once again we had to push our Example Site Wednesday by one day.

Choosing the example site is pretty tough with all of the competition, but this week BasicSocial came out as the winner. BasicSocial is a social network that uses Webs features to power its site. They recently went through a design change. Check it out for yourself:

BasicSocial caught our eye with their redesign because their site is usually bright and playful, but we can definitely stand behind the cause of their redesign. We think it is awesome that they are getting behind a green revolution and becoming more eco-friendly. Going with a darker pallet has helped BasicSocial to create a simple and polished look and feel. Check out some awesome Webs features that they use:

Every time we stumble upon a great website here at Webs we just have to share it with you guys, and this week is no different. Leapify.com is a site dedicated buying, selling and repairing broken iPhones. Check out how well they integrate the new Planet Earth template into the overall design of their site:

In addition to awesome looking site, Leapify takes advantage of several apps to communicate clearly and efficiently with their site visitors:

  • FAQ App – To provide detailed information on frequently asked questions.
  • Documents App – To provide easy access to important documents
  • Terms of Service App – To provide simple to read information that provides your site the protection it deserves without breaking the bank to get it
  • Custom Domain name – For a professional image, and to help search engine ranking.

It is important to note that websites can have multiple purposes, however, when you make your site, you have to prioritize your goals. READ MORE

Welcome to another addition of Example Site Wednesday where we show off some of the awesome sites that our users make! This week, we are taking look at a site that uses one of our new templates that was released last week.

Korean Cooking 101 is a website that focuses on teaching visitors about Korean food and Korean cooking. The site is full of great information including recipes for a lot of classic Korean dishes. The site looks amazing with the new Camera template. Check it out for yourself:

Learn how to make koran food and explore its cultureAll the food on the site looks delicious, just looking at it makes us hungry.  Korean Food 101 does a great job of creating content from their many recipes and utilizing visual aids such as photos and videos.  Let’s take a look at the Webs features that they use:

It’s Wednesday, and everyone knows what that means: another thrilling episode of American Idol is on tonight! Oh yeah, and we also have an awesome example site to show off today!

This week we are showing off a micro business that uses Webs to promote as well as distribute their products. DECE is a philanthropic clothing company that attempts to better the lives of Romanian women living in poverty. We think that this is an awesome cause and the clothing is actually very trendy. Take a look around their site for yourself!

DECE is a simple, yet very effective site. They manage to keep the site engaging with interesting pictures and a simple, yet effective and trendy site header. Check out some of the Webs features they use:

Once again, sorry for the late example site post. We’ve been busy here at Webs with all of the Pagemodo announcements. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Read about it here or try it out for yourself!

We’ll definitely be looking for websites with an awesome Pagemodo page on their Facebook page for upcoming example sites!

Moving on, this week we are showcasing an amazing site that focuses on bettering the lives of those with special needs. B’more Abilities Special ARTS Center (or BASAC) is a non-profit organization that seeks to enrich special needs children with artistic expression. We think that this is a great cause and are proud to have this site as a part of Webs. Check out the site yourself:

B’more Abilities Special ARTS Center

BASAC site is wonderfully designed with a great site header and easy to navigate layout. Check out these Webs features that they use:

Example Site Wednesday: Airedale Terrier Club of Illinois

It’s Wednesday again so we are going to be showcasing another awesome website made by Webs users. This week, we chose a site that we think everyone will enjoy. Airedale Terrier Club of Illinois is the website of an organization that is dedicated to protection and advancement of Airedale Terriers. The site itself has a very classy feel to it, take a look for yourself:

It’s Example Site Wednesday and this week we are showcasing an awesome site that is useful for parents, green and ridiculously cute. GoGreen Pocket Diapers is an online store that sells fun patterned, reusable cloth diapers. Check out this fun site below:

cloth diapers for the rest of us

GoGreen is another clean cut website that we can get behind. We love that the site provides more than just a store to sell products. Instead, they provide a wealth of information on the topic as well in their FAQ section. Check out some other great Webs tools they use:

Welcome to another edition of our Example Site Wednesday. This week, we have an awesome site to feature that gives people a place to have fun and socialize. iZytron is a beautifully designed social and entertainment site that uses a bunch of Webs tools to provide different services to their users. Take a look around:


This site is organized, simple, and eye-catching — what more could you want? Check out these Webs features that iZytron makes use of:

Welcome to the first Example Site Wednesday of 2011. We hope everybody’s New Year has started off well! This week, we have an awesome website to showcase, and we think you will all agree. Purely Ryan is a technology blog that features down to earth reviews about gadgets and apps that anybody can understand. Check it out for yourself:

The first thing that you notice when you visit Purely Ryan is how clean the site is. Straightforward design and great organization gets the task of moving people from their home page to the blog or one of their social media outlets done quickly and smoothly. Check out some great Webs features they utilize as well:


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