For today’s post on web design tips and trends, we’re bringing out the big guns. Meet Justin, Mikael, and Rebecca — Webs’ intrepid team of UI/Product Designers.

What do you think is the biggest trend in web design right now?

MikaelFlat design is getting a lot of attention right now. That is, putting colors and images right up against each other without drop shadows, bevels, and gradients. Think Window 8 and Microsoft’s new look. While flat design can be really nice, it’s important to use it appropriately – as with any other design trend. Do not just follow a trend, but do what makes your website look best and communicate the message — and your brand – better. READ MORE

This week’s Webs user example site comes to us all the way from Zambia!

Some websites offer splashy products that are easy to photography and are universally exciting to people browsing the web. For the owners of these websites, making a visually appealing website that people will want to browse is a snap (especially when you have a snazzy drag-and-drop sitebuilder…)

For Mutwile Enterprises, the situation is a little different. In their own words, Mutwile is a group of companies involved in the “infrastructure development, fluid/ lubricant handling equipment, and logistics sectors of the Zambian economy.” READ MORE

Happy Wednesday folks! We’re halfway through the week and that means it’s time for another great example site from a stand-out Webs user.

This week we’re taking a look at the website for RSM Montessori School in southern California. Usually we’ll pick out one thing that a site is doing well and discuss that. However the main feature of today’s site that stands out is how comprehensive it is. The site’s owner is clearly engaged and is using many of the tools available through Webs’ SiteBuilder to create a great experience for visitors. READ MORE

Another Wednesday has arrived, which means there are only a few days left until the weekend! It also means that we have another delightful website to share with you for this week’s Example Site Wednesday. Today, we showcase Lennox Tartan Design and a beautifully composed website, dedicated to interior design and consultation.

Lennox Tartan Design does a praiseworthy job creating a brand and image. From consistent color schemes to a catchy slogan, Lennox Tartan uses various tactics to effectively brand themselves on their website. Here are a few tips you can follow to brand yourself just as successfully: READ MORE

What better way to get over the work-week hump than checking out September’s first Example Site Wednesday? This week, we take a look at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and their Center for Market Leadership website. This site’s simple, yet effective approach shows that consistency can be a very valuable tool when creating a website.

The consistency of this site is shown through the cohesiveness of the color scheme, content and spacing. There doesn’t seem to be anything out of place or sticking out like a sore thumb here. Making the right decisions about content, layout and design are critical when trying to make an effective website. People, in general, like consistency in our everyday lives, whether it’s turning a key to start the ignition or turning a knob to open a door. Consistency in a website makes it easier for your visitors to quickly gather the information they are looking for and make a decision — are they going to contact you, buy something, sign up for something or simply just leave your website. READ MORE

For this week’s Example Site Wednesday, we are going to take a look at KGAS Radio, a website dedicated to the radio station that provides East Texas with the latest news, music, weather and local happenings. Though the website has several strong points, today we’ll focus on the site’s use of a social media toolbar.

Making the decision to add a toolbar to your website will boost your site with interactive features. For instance, KGAS Radio added a Wibiya toolbar of social media widgets and content sharing buttons to the bottom of their site. The eye-catching bar gives visitors lots of fun ways to spread the word about their site. READ MORE

Screen Shot: Wizard Screens and Gutter

It’s Wednesday morning, and that means it’s time for another great example site built using SiteBuilder3.

Today we’ll take a look at the website of Wizard Screens and Gutter, a family-owned business located in Utah.

There are three really successful elements of this site that stand out most: Usability, Imagery, and Simplicity. Let’s look at each of these and discuss how they make for an overall positive first impression. Which, according to a recent study, is formed in just two tenths of a second! READ MORE

Here at Webs, we’re pretty much suckers for anything on four legs. That is why this week, we are showcasing a site that shows off some of the cutest animals we’ve seen on Webs! Texas Tiny Pigs is a small business site that is used to promote teacup piglets for sale. We love Tiny Pig’s simple and clean design. Take a look for yourself:

We knew you couldn’t resist taking a look at some of these piglets either! Take a look at some of the Webs features that they use:

  • Blog to share interesting and relevant information with their visitors.
  • Contact page to provide a simple way for their site visitors send-in inquiries and collect sales leads. This is a must have for any website!
  • Testimonials to build trust and credibility for their business by providing what others think about their services.

What drew us to Texas Tiny Pigs is their ever changing homepage. They redesign their pages on regular basis with new pictures and it is a great treat! Sure it is a simple act, but it is, nonetheless, an effective way to keep visitors coming back to your site to discover what’s new. READ MORE

Take a break from your tough Wednesday by taking a look at the awesome website we are showcasing on our example site blog post!

This week we are showcasing Halo: Next Generation, a community based website revolving around the Halo video games. We know that a site like this isn’t the typical site that we would showcase on Example Site Wednesday, but HNG has a very effective site that anybody can learn from. Take a look for yourself before we break down their site for you:

In addition to a well designed and organized site, HNG takes advantage of some very essential Webs features including:

  • Members app to allow visitors to sign up as members to gain exclusive content.
  • Calendar app to display important dates of holidays and events.
  • Contact page to allow visitors a simple way to contact the site owner and to add credibility.

A common problem that we hear from a lot of site owners is: How to make site members more active?

It is Wednesday and we have another awesome new site to showcase today! This week we chose a site that is utilizing one of our new templates that we just released last week. Silent War Birds is site dedicated to providing information, pictures, and videos of military aircraft. They made use of our Strong template. Take a look for yourself:

We like how ‘Silent War Birds’ took a different take on what the template originally looked like by adding a custom background. Not sure how to edit your background? Learn How.

Silent War Birds is making great use of Webs features and utilizes several of our popular apps including:


Layout Style

Header Style

Accent Color