In today’s world, where 82% of smartphone users browse for products and services on their phones, small and micro-businesses need a mobile site to stay competitive. So, we’ve made it even easier for you to get a mobile-friendly site.

The Webs mobile application was originally part of our App store.   It has proved so popular that we devoted development resources to fully integrate it into our Site Builder.

With this integration, all websites created with Webs come with a mobile site that displays properly on smartphones. The mobile site is also maintenance free because it automatically synchs with the primary website, which is a huge timesaver. READ MORE

Lots of people use mobile devices these days, but how many of those people actually use their smartphones to buy products and services?

According to the 2011 Mobile Search Insights Study, nearly half (49%) of mobile Web users have bought at least one item via their mobile device in the last six months.

This is big news for businesses! Whether you have a website with an online store or simply an informative business website, you need to make sure that your site is easy for smartphone users to view and use. READ MORE

It’s no secret that in order to keep your business current and relevant in today’s world, you are going to need a website. What most people don’t understand, however, is that having a website just to have one is a waste of a useful tool that can drive sales, raise awareness, and build relationships with your visitors.

All too often we see business sites that just seem to lie there as a passive placeholder. If your business website does not benefit your business, or you are not seeing the results you were hoping for, it’s time to rethink your website and rebuild. This may seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry, we will be here along the way and we have broken down the steps for you so that you can do this all by yourself! READ MORE

There aren’t enough Wednesdays in a year for the number of awesome websites we have been looking through and our contests! That’s why once again we had to push our Example Site Wednesday by one day.

Choosing the example site is pretty tough with all of the competition, but this week BasicSocial came out as the winner. BasicSocial is a social network that uses Webs features to power its site. They recently went through a design change. Check it out for yourself:

BasicSocial caught our eye with their redesign because their site is usually bright and playful, but we can definitely stand behind the cause of their redesign. We think it is awesome that they are getting behind a green revolution and becoming more eco-friendly. Going with a darker pallet has helped BasicSocial to create a simple and polished look and feel. Check out some awesome Webs features that they use:

Today we are happy to announce that the Mobile Website App by DudaMobile has been enhanced with exciting updates that many of you have requested.

What’s New?

  1. New Mobile Themes – You can now choose from even more themes for the mobile version of your site, including Matrix and Texture themes.
  2. Mobile Site Membership* – Your site members can now interact with the mobile version of your website. They can:
    • Post and edit forums, blogs, FAQs and comments
    • Manage profiles
    • Send and receive messages using the inbox in the Members App
    • Invite and manage site members
      *Important note: Mobile member login support is enabled only for devices that support javascript.

Once again, sorry for the late example site post. We’ve been busy here at Webs with all of the Pagemodo announcements. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Read about it here or try it out for yourself!

We’ll definitely be looking for websites with an awesome Pagemodo page on their Facebook page for upcoming example sites!

Moving on, this week we are showcasing an amazing site that focuses on bettering the lives of those with special needs. B’more Abilities Special ARTS Center (or BASAC) is a non-profit organization that seeks to enrich special needs children with artistic expression. We think that this is a great cause and are proud to have this site as a part of Webs. Check out the site yourself:

B’more Abilities Special ARTS Center

BASAC site is wonderfully designed with a great site header and easy to navigate layout. Check out these Webs features that they use:

Welcome to another edition of our Example Site Wednesday. This week, we have an awesome site to feature that gives people a place to have fun and socialize. iZytron is a beautifully designed social and entertainment site that uses a bunch of Webs tools to provide different services to their users. Take a look around:


This site is organized, simple, and eye-catching — what more could you want? Check out these Webs features that iZytron makes use of:


Layout Style

Header Style

Accent Color