As part of our weekly series of showcasing example sites and providing helpful tips on how you can improve your website, this week we have selected to review Pamper Parties Pittsburgh. This is a website for a mobile spa business that can be awesome with just a few tweaks.

Let’s start out by focusing on what the site owner does well. Pamper Parties Pittsburgh is a great website title. It clearly describes what the business offers and where it is located. This site also does a nice job of using relevant keywords and offering an easy to understand site description.

So what can the owner do to improve this website?

Photography websites are a unique because the main content on the website consists of mostly images, rather than text. If you are running a photography website, here are some key elements you should incorporate into your website to make your photographs stand out.


A popular trend in photography websites nowadays is minimalism. This aspect is key, since your website should ultimately highlight, rather than detract, from your pictures. Not only should your layout be clean and simplistic, but so should your color scheme. Using a dark background, especially black, will increase the appearance of contrast in your photographs. Employing the theme of minimalism in all aspects of your site will be sure to keep the focus on your art, rather than the website. Check out the Webs template titled “Darkroom,” which was designed specifically for the needs of photographers. READ MORE

Nowadays, GPSs help us get from point A to point B, with minimal effort necessary on our part. However, your website’s navigation should be so intuitive that your visitor shouldn’t need any help getting around. When visitors come to you website, they are undoubtedly looking for information about your company or product. If your information is too hard to find, they will bolt. This is why it is important for your site to have a navigation that is highly intuitive.

Navigation Bar

One of the most important factors determining your site’s navigability is its navigation bar. This bar can either runs across the top of your website or on the side, depending on the template you selected. Navigation bar displays the titles of the various pages you have added to your site. Your navigation bar should not be too crowded or too sparse. What is the ideal number of links you should strive for? Try keeping the link count between 5-7. If you happen to have more than seven pages on your site, you should organize related links together into drop down menu options. Note: Make sure that your pages are under the appropriate category. For example, you don’t want your Calendars page organized under your FAQ section. Check out our video on drop down menus for more information on how to add them to your website.

In a lot of ways, websites are like books. They tell the story of a person, business, or hobby and they take a lot of work to create.  Our example site this week was made by someone skilled in both fields. is the website of Jeriel Ng, an up and coming author, who uses his website as a central hub of information for his fans. Check out the site for yourself:

This is another example of a website that takes a minimalistic approach to website design. The top navigation bar looks clean and crisp by organizing all vital links with the help of a drop-down menu.


Layout Style

Header Style

Accent Color