by Haroon Mokhtarzada , CEO

On September 1, 2010, James Lee walked into the Discovery Communication’s headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, with a gun and what appeared to be explosive devices strapped to his torso. Lee took three hostages and then spent hours in tense negotiations with the police.

But even before the story became national news, we here at Webs became unwitting, front-seat witnesses to the drama unfolding across the street. Our office is located on Wayne Avenue in Silver Spring–directly across the street from One Discovery Place.

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I actually grew up in Silver Spring. I went to Montgomery Blair High School, which is just up the road from our office. Over the years, I’ve seen the area get “Silver Sprung” from a somewhat-depressed suburb of DC to a vibrant community with a bustling outdoor shopping plaza and brand-new stores and restaurants.  This revitalization was driven in great part by Discovery Communications moving their headquarters here in 2003.


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