Happy Wednesday folks! We’re halfway through the week and that means it’s time for another great example site from a stand-out Webs user.

This week we’re taking a look at the website for RSM Montessori School in southern California. Usually we’ll pick out one thing that a site is doing well and discuss that. However the main feature of today’s site that stands out is how comprehensive it is. The site’s owner is clearly engaged and is using many of the tools available through Webs’ SiteBuilder to create a great experience for visitors. READ MORE

It’s Wednesday again, which means it’s time to showcase another amazing website. Since it’s the summertime, we’ve decided to feature a site with a little tropical flair. Sian’s Cooking is a catering service that specializes in authentic Caribbean cuisine. The website is attractive and well put together, reflecting the high quality of food and services that Sian’s Cooking offers. Check it out for yourself:

Authentic Caribbean cuisineSian’s Cooking showcases their delicious food in a website that is interactive for both current and potential clients. Some of the Webs features they use to do this include:

Photography websites are a unique because the main content on the website consists of mostly images, rather than text. If you are running a photography website, here are some key elements you should incorporate into your website to make your photographs stand out.


A popular trend in photography websites nowadays is minimalism. This aspect is key, since your website should ultimately highlight, rather than detract, from your pictures. Not only should your layout be clean and simplistic, but so should your color scheme. Using a dark background, especially black, will increase the appearance of contrast in your photographs. Employing the theme of minimalism in all aspects of your site will be sure to keep the focus on your art, rather than the website. Check out the Webs template titled “Darkroom,” which was designed specifically for the needs of photographers. READ MORE

Here at Webs, we’re pretty much suckers for anything on four legs. That is why this week, we are showcasing a site that shows off some of the cutest animals we’ve seen on Webs! Texas Tiny Pigs is a small business site that is used to promote teacup piglets for sale. We love Tiny Pig’s simple and clean design. Take a look for yourself:

We knew you couldn’t resist taking a look at some of these piglets either! Take a look at some of the Webs features that they use:

  • Blog to share interesting and relevant information with their visitors.
  • Contact page to provide a simple way for their site visitors send-in inquiries and collect sales leads. This is a must have for any website!
  • Testimonials to build trust and credibility for their business by providing what others think about their services.

What drew us to Texas Tiny Pigs is their ever changing homepage. They redesign their pages on regular basis with new pictures and it is a great treat! Sure it is a simple act, but it is, nonetheless, an effective way to keep visitors coming back to your site to discover what’s new. READ MORE

With spring finally here (at least for our part of the world), it’s time for us here at Webs to start working on our beach bods. Making Webs the best website builder requires a lot of time spent at our computers, so we sometimes neglect our crunches. While searching for a calorie busting workout program, we came across an awesome program that is being promoted right on a Webs site! Cheerobics is a website that promotes a unique workout method that combines cheerleading and aerobics. The website looks awesome and we think you should all check it out for yourself:

The site design is great. We love how all of the elements are seamless. The header, the background, even the content all flow seamlessly together. Take a look at some of the Webs features that they take advantage to enhance their site:

As many of you know, the ContactMe App places a free, customizable, eye-catching “Contact” button onto your website. The button attracts the attention of site visitors and, when clicked, pops up a contact form. The form, which is also customizable, lets visitors submit their contact information to you. As a result, your site visitors become new leads for your business!

What you may not know is that behind the button is a complete set of features at ContactMe.com that can help you manage your contacts, tasks, and customer relationships. ContactMe was created exclusively for small businesses to help them take their businesses to the next level.

Best of all, information that comes in from the contact form is automatically added to a contact list in your ContactMe.com account. Talk about saving time!

But I’ll stop trying to explain in words what this short, fun video about ContactMe can show you:

Welcome to another addition of Example Site Wednesday, where we select a great site made by Webs users and dissect it to find out just what makes the website so great.

October is a national Breast cancer awareness month, here in United States, and in the spirit of bringing awareness to this disease we would like to showcase a great site that combines playing pool and a great cause. ‘Cues For A Cureâ„¢’ is committed to the fight against cancer and gives a portion of every purchase from their site towards helping to fund cancer research. READ MORE


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