For today’s post in our series on creating community around your business, we’ll turn to Webs’ Head of Marketing, Rochelle, to hear about her first-hand experience with a local charitable organization.

It can be really difficult to think of new ways to create community around your small business–especially when you have your hands full with so many other tasks and demands.  One of the most effective community-creating strategies I’ve seen in action is in-kind donations: donating your business’s services or goods to other organizations (specifically non-profits) that can benefit from them. READ MORE

Many businesses have discovered the benefits of marketing tactics that build community, like sponsorships, in-kind donations, and rewards programs. But some organizations make offline community events such an integral part of their strategy that their outreach takes on a brand of its own.

What is the advantage of this? For one thing, having your business or organization visible in as many arenas as possible is always a good thing — online, social, offline, etc. Also, offline tactics tend to appeal to more than just your core target audience, allowing you to access people you might not otherwise have found. READ MORE


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