No small business tools series would be complete without mentioning our friends at Vistaprint. Possibly best known for their business card services, Vistaprint’s specialty is really communication, in many forms, between small businesses and their present and future customers. While Vistaprint also offers a number digital services, today we’re going to focus on the uses of their wide variety of printed materials. These include tools to:

Communicate your brand.
Once you’ve decided on an identity for your business — a logo, tagline, colors, etc. — you need to make sure that all of your materials share that look. From the business cards you hand out when networking, to the stationery you write business letters on, everything that people associate with you should display the elements of your brand. READ MORE

A well-designed business card can help boost your business and brand awareness. For example, have you ever wondered why some business cards get saved while others do not? What makes a potential client pay attention to a business card over all the others? Perhaps it’s the person giving the card, or the product/service they provide. But most likely, chances are business cards that get saved are the once that stand out from the rest.

Check out the following tips to help you create memorable business card, understand how to properly present your card, and a few basic international etiquette tips to help you avoid a few known faux pas. READ MORE


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