Today let’s continue our discussion on how to build a successful blog. To recap, you have learned about the importance of picking a specific topic & the value of good blog content. Today let’s move on to part 3: Design.

The design aspect of a blog is often overlooked when blogs are created. Design includes not just colors and logos, but also the layout and navigation of the website where the blog is housed. Usually this takes a lot of skill and know-how, but Webs’ site builder makes it easy for anyone to use a blog, even the least tech-savvy! READ MORE

Content is the highlight of a blog. It’s the reason why people visit your site and why they keep coming back. Therefore it’s important to have consistency in both the quality of your content and the frequency in which you post. Here are a few tips for creating attractive content:

  1. Create value with your content. This is just another fancy way of saying, “Make sure your content is interesting!” All of your posts should give readers a reason for reading; whether you are informing the audience, showing them your opinion on a topic, or just being entertaining, all of your content should give your readers something back. *Remember to keep all content relevant to your main site topic as well!
  2. Make sure you post frequently! It’s important that you update your blog on regular basis to give site visitors reason to come back to your site. If you only update your blog once a month, or even twice a month, a visitor can get tired of waiting for your next post or even forget about your blog before you get a chance to seal them in as a regular site visitor. There is not magic number when it comes to how often you should post new content, since it depends on the audience of your site and the topic you choose to write about. Aim to update your blog at least once or twice a week. That said, remember that quality is more important than quantity, and so taking a couple of days off between posts can help you write a better post in the long run.
  3. Make sure your content is readable. Writing a blog is much different than writing a book or paper.  Online readers have shorter attention spans and more specific wants. First things first: make sure your blog is readable. Don’t pick colors for fonts that will strain the visitor’s eyes or else they won’t bother at all. Next, make sure that your writing is easy to read. This means short paragraphs, using lists or bullet points, bolding or underlining important text, and keeping enough white space in between lines and words. Avoid typing up huge walls of text! Include images where appropriate to give readers something to look at.

Don’t be discouraged when you work hard on a post and no one pays attention to it. Growing a blog takes time, and although no one may appreciate it now, once you grow bigger people will look through your older posts and will see your hard work! READ MORE

Thinking about beginning a blog, but don’t know where to start? Or do you already have a blog that isn’t doing as well as you wish it was?

There is an endless wealth of information on the internet about how to build a successful blog, but it’s a tedious job going through it all and figuring out where to start, which tips apply to you, and whether or not the “tricks” will actually work.

Don’t worry, though, because Webs is here to help! You can add a blog app to your Webs site with a single click (choose “Blog” in the App Store). A blog’s role on your website is to be the place where you share your thoughts, news, and updates. READ MORE

With spring finally here (at least for our part of the world), it’s time for us here at Webs to start working on our beach bods. Making Webs the best website builder requires a lot of time spent at our computers, so we sometimes neglect our crunches. While searching for a calorie busting workout program, we came across an awesome program that is being promoted right on a Webs site! Cheerobics is a website that promotes a unique workout method that combines cheerleading and aerobics. The website looks awesome and we think you should all check it out for yourself:

The site design is great. We love how all of the elements are seamless. The header, the background, even the content all flow seamlessly together. Take a look at some of the Webs features that they take advantage to enhance their site:

Now that we’ve discussed the 6 essential characteristics of a good business website, let’s take a look at some essential pages that every business site needs:

  1. A home page is a crucial part of any site, yet many times website builders don’t spend enough time on the home page. A home page should show off everything that your business is about. Because this is the page that almost all visitors will visit first, you need it to make a big impression. It’s important to remember that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. The home page is the hub of your website; make sure that you link back to your home page on other pages so that visitors don’t get lost browsing your site.
  2. Contact page is another must-have page on a website. You want your visitors and potential customers to have an easy way to contact you with any questions. Make sure you list all the different ways of contacting you, whether it be email, phone, address, Twitter, or Facebook. The more platforms you offer to visitors, the more options they have to contact you. If you need help managing all of the contacts you amass, try out our ContactMe app! Not sure if you should Tweet for business? Learn more about how you can profit from Twitter.
  3. About us is another important page to have. All customers are concerned with the identity of a business and an About Us page is a great place to put an overview of your business’ history, policies, and philosophies. What visitors see on this page gives a lot of insight into your company and can provide a great way to build credibility.

Now, depending on the purpose of your site, and your specific situation, there are several other pages you should consider adding. Here are some examples of pages that almost every business site needs:

Wednesdays come and go, but every example site that we showcase stays in our heart. This week we are bringing you an amazingly well polished site that we are proud to show off. Imperia Music is an online music distribution service that represents a new age of independent and self-publicized music artists. If you are an independent music artist, Imperia Music will help to make your music available through online mediums like iTunes or AmazonMp3. We love Imperia’s use of space in their content layout and simple, yet hip design. Take a look for yourself:

Imperia Music does a great job of adhering to a simple, yet eye-catching design. In addition, the site owner takes advantage of choosing color theme pleasing to the eyes, images that clearly display intended messages and provides ample space so that the site doesn’t look crowded. Check out these other Webs features that make this site so great:

Welcome to another addition of Example Site Wednesday where we show off some of the awesome sites that our users make! This week, we are taking look at a site that uses one of our new templates that was released last week.

Korean Cooking 101 is a website that focuses on teaching visitors about Korean food and Korean cooking. The site is full of great information including recipes for a lot of classic Korean dishes. The site looks amazing with the new Camera template. Check it out for yourself:

Learn how to make koran food and explore its cultureAll the food on the site looks delicious, just looking at it makes us hungry.  Korean Food 101 does a great job of creating content from their many recipes and utilizing visual aids such as photos and videos.  Let’s take a look at the Webs features that they use:

Welcome to the first Example Site Wednesday of 2011. We hope everybody’s New Year has started off well! This week, we have an awesome website to showcase, and we think you will all agree. Purely Ryan is a technology blog that features down to earth reviews about gadgets and apps that anybody can understand. Check it out for yourself:

The first thing that you notice when you visit Purely Ryan is how clean the site is. Straightforward design and great organization gets the task of moving people from their home page to the blog or one of their social media outlets done quickly and smoothly. Check out some great Webs features they utilize as well:

Not to toot our own horns, but here at Webs, we like to fancy ourselves as pretty smart people,  how else could we get such intelligent and savvy users like you?

Today’s example site, however, made us second guess ourselves. Cube Depot is a website that sells every kind of Rubik’s cube you can think of, not just cubes either. Seriously, there are Rubik’s cube versions of any shape you can think of and even shapes that we have never thought existed. Needless to say, our first time going through the site was filled with a lot of “How the heck’s” and “I don’t even know’s”. These make perfect gifts for anybody because just playing around with one is mesmerizing. Check it out for yourselves.

Lucky for us, Cube Depot’s website isn’t nearly as difficult to maneuver. In fact, it’s one of the simplest layouts and designs we have seen. Solving the puzzles from the site may be hard, but getting one is really simple because of their use of our Web Store App which easily organizes and displays your products. Here are some other useful Webs features they use:

Welcome to another addition of Example Site Wednesday, where we select a great site made by Webs users and dissect it to find out just what makes the website so great.

October is a national Breast cancer awareness month, here in United States, and in the spirit of bringing awareness to this disease we would like to showcase a great site that combines playing pool and a great cause. ‘Cues For A Cureâ„¢’ is committed to the fight against cancer and gives a portion of every purchase from their site towards helping to fund cancer research. READ MORE


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