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Blogging has morphed from a small side business to a booming and lucrative industry. Thousands of people are making their living just from blogging with the help of sponsored content and affiliate marketing. The impact and influence of effective bloggers is staggering, and is a fantastic marketing force for small businesses.

Beyond the financial benefits of a successful blog, for small businesses, they offer a place where consumers can find answers to questions and the business can be known for its expertise and guidance. Blogs provide a place for businesses to showcase their offerings as well as their understanding of their audience and its needs. Blogs also allow businesses to backlink to their websites, which increases traffic, SEO rankings, and helps convert traffic into tangible business leads. READ MORE

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We’ve talked a lot about web design and best practices for setting up a professional business website, but once that’s complete, what do you do next? Generating traffic to your beautifully crafted website is the next hurdle to overcome. This is where backlinks come into play. Simply put, backlinks are inbound hyperlinks from one website to another website.

You may be thinking, “How is this relevant to my business?” Well, every backlink to your website increases your site’s popularity and pushes it higher in SEO rankings for your industry or niche; they improve your credibility and authority within the marketplace. READ MORE

In keeping with this month’s theme of trends and inspiration, today’s example site was chosen for its great use of a major trend in marketing right now: content marketing.

Content marketing is a strategy that involves creating and sharing various types of content (articles, photos, whitepapers, etc.) with the goal of boosting SEO, driving traffic, building loyalty, and acquiring new leads. If you’ve been reading the blog here for awhile, you’re no doubt already familiar with Content Marketing – not just because we’ve talked about it before, but also because a blog is a great example of content marketing! READ MORE

Have you ever told a friend about a trendy new bar you heard of that you think they’d like, only to be regaled with a horror story about bad service and food poisoning after they visit it? So embarrassing. And if you think it’s scary going out on a limb to give advice to one friend, can you imagine how a search giant like Google or Bing feels?

Everybody hates giving bad recommendations, and Google is no exception. That’s why Google’s search ranking algorithm relies so heavily on a website’s ‘reputation’ around the Internet when delivering search results. Especially since its Penguin and Panda updates, Google has looked at how many people find a website useful and share-worthy as an indicator of how highly Google should rank or recommend it in search results. That’s great for big brands with huge audiences, but how can small business owners compete? READ MORE

There was a time not too long ago when people thought of blogs and websites as two distinctly different things. The purpose of a website was to promote products and services and provide static information. A blog was a type of website that featured articles or journal-like entries that people would bookmark or subscribe to and read periodically.

Today, websites and blogs have a much closer relationship, and frequently occupy the same space. A blog has become an invaluable tool for driving traffic, and therefore has become a permanent fixture of an increasing number of small business websites. READ MORE

You know that it is important to update your website on regular basis and post blog updates often to maintain and improve your search engine ranking (SEO). You sit down in front of your computer/laptop but nothing comes out. You want to post an insightful update and just can’t come up with a good idea. It’s a problem that strikes us all, especially when it comes to writing — the dreaded writer’s block.

Don’t fall victim to procrastination or fear of the blank page. There are plenty of things you can do to get you on the right track towards posting: READ MORE

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time to showcase another awesome Webs website. Today we would like to introduce everyone to, a website dedicated to chronicling the adventures of two golden retrievers Augustus and Tiberius.  Check out the fun and creative imagery that the website owner utilizes on this website: does a phenomenal job of showcasing the owner’s love and dedication to the two pups. This is achieved by posting regular blog posts filled with lots of colorful and unique imagery, creating a dedicated social media presence and offering website visitors the ability to subscribe to their website. READ MORE

Here at Webs, we’re pretty much suckers for anything on four legs. That is why this week, we are showcasing a site that shows off some of the cutest animals we’ve seen on Webs! Texas Tiny Pigs is a small business site that is used to promote teacup piglets for sale. We love Tiny Pig’s simple and clean design. Take a look for yourself:

We knew you couldn’t resist taking a look at some of these piglets either! Take a look at some of the Webs features that they use:

  • Blog to share interesting and relevant information with their visitors.
  • Contact page to provide a simple way for their site visitors send-in inquiries and collect sales leads. This is a must have for any website!
  • Testimonials to build trust and credibility for their business by providing what others think about their services.

What drew us to Texas Tiny Pigs is their ever changing homepage. They redesign their pages on regular basis with new pictures and it is a great treat! Sure it is a simple act, but it is, nonetheless, an effective way to keep visitors coming back to your site to discover what’s new. READ MORE

Want your blog to be seen? Don’t be shy–put your blog out there! Make sure that you have a bunch of quality posts before you start, though. If visitors go to your blog and find only one or two posts, they will be disappointed and uninterested. Make sure you have about 5-10 good posts before you start this step.

3 Tips for getting your blog’s name out there:

  1. Create connections with other bloggers. Browse around other blogs and see what people are writing about. If someone talks about a topic that you have written about, post a comment addressing the topic with a link to your blog. Bloggers are, in general, nice people, and creating connections with other bloggers is half of the fun!
  2. Don’t be afraid to talk to your readers. This mainly happens in the comments section of each blog post. If people ask questions or add something to your post, don’t be afraid to acknowledge them, especially if they are there to criticize you. Walk away from the computer and reflect on any criticism before responding professionally. Building relationships with your readers is a great way to create loyalty.
  3. Increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking. A great way to drive traffic to your site is to try to get your website a high SEO ranking. This means that your site will appear higher on search engines like Google or Bing when searched for. There are a lot of different things you can do to increase search engine ranking, but the most important are tagging your posts, pictures, and videos with relevant keywords and including links to other relevant sites. Learn more about link building here.

Remember, the success of your blog rests highly on your  persistence and drive. Creating a successful blog does not happen overnight. Stay strong, don’t be discouraged, and stay passionate. READ MORE


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