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Running a small business can be a difficult job. The responsibilities can be daunting, and the tasks can quickly pile up. Running a micro-business can be even tougher. Similar tasks are placed on fewer people, and your to-do list can get crowded in a hurry. Compounding the challenge is the fact that many people simply procrastinate their duties. After all, why do something now when there will be time for it later? There’s no clear reason why some people tend to procrastinate. Research suggests that procrastination might actually be a factor of genetics, something that’s been passed down through the generations. Maybe you even fall into that category. But just because you might be a natural procrastinator doesn’t mean you have to give in to your instinctual behaviors. A variety of productivity tools are out there, ready to help you overcome the urge to delay what should be done right away. READ MORE

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As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you pride yourself on the ability to wear multiple hats – accountant, marketer, HR manager, analyst, etc.

But we know that what you really care about most is your customer. Which is why you wear all those hats – to be fast, agile, and dedicated to providing the best service and/or product for your consumers.

Sometimes it is tough, and you wonder, ‘if I had resources like the big businesses have, would I be able to better provide for my customers?’ READ MORE

A new site called CatchFree is launching today, Tuesday May 24th, to help people find and share the best free web apps for their needs (and to help people avoid apps with “hidden catches”). Sounds like a helpful resource, right?

Not surprisingly, CatchFree is including Webs in their list of “top-loved free services on the web.”

But we don’t just want to be on their list. We want to be in the number one spot on their list.

Fortunately, CatchFree is a community-driven resource, which means that the most shared apps rise to the top. We appreciate this democratic approach, which is almost always a good thing (except on American Idol). Plus, it means that…. READ MORE


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