We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Photos Tab on Member Profiles! This feature shows the photos that a member has uploaded, right on their profile. It’s a great way to quickly see what a member has added to your site.

This feature is an extension of the Photos App. If you have the app, and have the option for members to post photos turned on, this tab will appear on your members’ profiles.

This is another way we are expanding the social features on your Webs sites. READ MORE

Blog App Video

We have a new “How-to” video! Head over to our Video Tutorial site ( and check out our latest video about the Blog App.

The Blog App from Webs is a great way to keep a stream of fresh content on your site. Inject media like images or video to keep it rich, and even let your users post to the blog as well, to take the pressure off you and create a real community site.

Watch the video to learn about all these features and more.

Let us know what you think in the comments. You can install the Blog App here. READ MORE

We have added a new feature to our Photo Gallery which is a Slideshow only mode.

Choosing the new setting will streamline your gallery page to show just your albums.  And clicking on the album will bring up the slideshow (no intermediate pages, individual image pages, etc.).  Other links that are more useful for the social gallery, like most commented, most recent, and the search box also get removed and social publishing gets turned off.

How to Activate Slideshow only mode?

1. Go to the Settings portion of your Photo Gallery App READ MORE

The Voicemail app from UHaveAudio is now live in the App Store, give your visitors a great way to contact you! With a toll-free number or recording straight to your site, there’s no barrier for them to place custom orders, ask questions or contact you for anything, at any time!

Plus, with its automatic notification system, there is no need to monitor it yourself! Receive an e-mail anytime you get a new message, so you can be flexible without being on the clock!

  • Listen to messages online or on the phone
  • Records the caller’s phone number along with the date and time the message was received
  • Access your messages from any computer
  • A toll-free number with your own extension
  • And more!

Get the Voicemail App today! Let us know what you think in the comments. READ MORE

Head over to our Video Tutorial site,, and check out a brand new video about the Photos App.

If you don’t already use the Photos app, it’s a great way to organize and display your images.  Create albums in minutes, and have slide shows play on your site.

Watch the video and find out for yourself!

Let us know what you think , and feel free to suggest ideas for videos you want to see!

Today we launched fixes and enhancements for the photo app. Here’s a short summary:

  • Default Settings – Site owners are now able to set default album settings. What does this mean? Default album is the album in which your member photo submissions are automatically placed. If the default setting (defined in the gallery) changes, then it will automatically affect all albums that are currently using the default setting.

  • Moving Photos – You can now move photos from one album to another by hovering over the image and using the move icon.

    Last nights’ outage bought you new forums app enhancements!  Here’s a short summary:

    Category protection – you can now set permissions on certain categories, this is really useful for creating a Moderatory-ONLY section where only mods can read and post
    Auto-hiding flagged posts – There’s a new Setting that lets you choose to auto-hide posts after a certain number of flags.
    Forum search – now searches the entire forum even if you are within a topic
    General speed and stability improvements READ MORE

    Webs Blogs

    The blog app has been completely upgraded and revamped to better assist your site with communication to, and amongst, your members. Here’s a brief outline of what’s new:

    – Better (and newer) look and feel.
    – Categories to help organize your entries.
    – Site Members can post entries.
    – Search feature added.
    – Integrated with sidebars to display latest activity.

    Best of all, you can migrate all of your old blog entries over to the new Blog app! READ MORE

    Hey Everyone,

    A few new features and a couple of bug fixes for the Members App.  Here are the new features:

  • Invitations Tracking Page.  Opps, we left that out and now it’s back!  You’ll find it in Manage Members.
  • Send Email Blast page.  You asked for it and we delivered.  It’s now a tab in Manage Members.
  • Complete Profiles.  The Members Page on your site now displays members with profiles and not the members without profiles.
  • No more skipping.  Your members can no longer skip creating a profile when they join your site.

    Video Gallery

    Members with profiles, members who comment (and can also delete comments), members who post to your forum.  Now, what about members adding videos to your site?  Or photos?  Or blog posts?  Or members who can moderate the site blog?  All things to come.  First up, members posting videos to your site.

    In May we added the Video App to Freewebs, and in September we added the Members App.  Today, we’re bringing them together with a Video App upgrade that rolls in members posting. READ MORE


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