Ning announced on April 15th, 2010 the closing of all free accounts. The announcement left millions of free users stranded with a difficult decision to make of either pay-up or move-on. would like to extend a warm hand of welcome to all stranded Ning free users.  We invite you to come and check out!

With Webs, it’s easy to build a free social network that’s as unique as you. It’s the place to engage the world in your business, passions or hobbies and create a network of people that share your enthusiasm. Anyone can bring a social network to life on READ MORE

We are planning a maintenance outage on commenting feature on Monday, April 12th from 6:00am – 7:00 am EDT (-5GMT).

The outage will impact all areas of your website that currently have commenting. During the maintenance, comments will be disabled and will contain text similar to:  “Commenting is currently down for maintenance”.  This outage will impact the following apps: Blog, Forum, Photo Gallery, Videos, Guestbook and Calendar.

If you need help converting outage times to your time zone, please use the following handy converter: [HERE] READ MORE

It has come to our attention that today some users received an email claiming to be on behalf of asking for Username and Password information.  Please know that will never send you such an email especially from non email address.

If you received an email today asking for this type of information to prove that you are using your account, please disregard it. This is a scam, it was NOT sent by any member of the team.

The Webs Team

Hi everyone,   Happy New Year!  Webs came a long way in 2009. We launched a lot of new apps and introduced some new tools to help you build and design your sites.

In 2010, we look forward to providing you with new features, enhancements, templates, and the rock solid service that you expect.   Thank you for being a part of Webs! We’re looking forward to an amazing new year with you.

Happy New Year!


Thank you all that expressed interest in testing the upcoming testimonials app.  I have all your names and will contact you once everything is set up for the test.

To switch up the topic, we at Webs want to say happy Thanksgiving Day, Canada & happy Columbus Day, United States.

Until next time,


Hi Everyone,

We are putting finishing touches on a brand new app page called Testimonials. It is designed to help small businesses quickly and easily put up and manage testimonials they receive regarding the services/products they offer.

I am looking for 5-10 testers. Requirements: You have to have an active small business site that has testimonials and can reach out to its member base to obtain new once. It is possible that if you are selected as one of the testers that we will showcase your site as an example once the app goes live to everyone. READ MORE


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