Why People are Afraid to Build a Website Themselves

If you really pressed most people, they would admit that they would love to have their own website. But if you pressed them further about getting started making their dream happen, you would also learn that most people feel very intimidated by the thought of making their own website. While it’s possible to hire someone else to make your website for you, ultimately most people either don’t have the extra cash to spend, or they aren’t willing to put down the money for something they feel anxious about.

Of course, now that it’s easy to find and use a great free website builder no one should ever have to pay another person to make their website for them. These days it’s easier than ever to sit down and put together a great looking website that will do everything you want it to do- without any hair pulling.

So even though the website building process is so easy these days, how come people are still afraid to build a website themselves?

They think they don’t have the Technical Skills to Do It

This is an understandable perspective, as many people still equate a great website with lots of complicated and overly-technical coding. Most people aren’t aware that they can easily get a high-quality free website maker, or they are only vaguely aware that these builders are available. Many people who know that these builders exist often still think that they require at least a little bit of complicated coding.

Now, back in the early days of the internet this was true. If you wanted to create your own website you had to learn a coding language like HTML, and then you had to learn multiple other languages (like CSS, JAVA, PHP, etc.) to create anything fancy or complex for your site. Even the original website builders either necessitated, or greatly rewarded, knowing some level of coding. Making a site that was worth building used to require a deep technical understanding, which natural intimidated a lot of people away from the practice.

Those days are completely gone. It’s now easy to find a great free website builder tha offers full graphic interfaces that make it easy to construct a website that can create pretty much anything you could ever want- especially when first starting out. Anyone who is able to navigate their computer’s desktop and internal folders will be able to create their own website using one of these new website builders.

They think they don’t have the Design skills to make an attractive site

This ties in deeply with the fear of not having the technical skills necessary to make a website. Most people doubt their ability to design a website that is going to be attractive to look at and navigate through.

Once again, this fear is largely unfounded. If you have been online for any length of time than you have a pretty good idea what an attractive and functional website looks like. Similarly, it’s simple enough to look at a couple of websites you like and emulate their designs. If nothing else, many website builders will provide you with helpful customizable templates to create a great-looking site without the art degree. Making an attractive website is simple and easy these days for anyone.

And as a quick note, you should remember that the most popular and successful websites on the internet aren’t exactly visually stunning. Google, Facebook, Amazon… there is a nearly endless list of plain and unattractive websites that are none-the-less wildly popular.

The Big Fear- they are scared of starting their dream project

This is far and away the biggest fear when it comes to why people decide to not create a website. Some people are scared of making something that might fail publically, and some people are actually scared of making something that might succeed wildly! Most of the fears and excuses that people use to not make their own website come down to a fear of going for something they really want.

Despite the fact that it is easier than ever to make a site, there are still plenty of people who refuse to take that first step, no matter how small it is.

Why Haven’t You Built Yours Yet?

There will always be another reason to keep yourself from doing something that you really believe in and to not do something you really want to do. With all of the technical limitations and barriers to website creation erased, why haven’t you started yet?


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