How many times have you heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”?  Maybe because there is an exceptional amount of truth to that statement, pictures have the ability to communicate ideas and feelings a lot faster than text. That is why it is really important to find good high quality images to improve the overall impression and effectiveness of your website. We have gathered some great sites to help you find the right stock image that can invoke the proper positive emotions from your visitors. READ MORE

Happy Example Site Wednesday Everyone!

With International Earth Day just a few days away, we thought it would be amazing to showcase one of our websites that is helping to save our beautiful earth!

Our Example Site Wednesday comes from Simply Birgit that provides organic, raw and fair trade skin care products.  Let’s take a look at their website, because the simplistic yet sophisticated beauty of this site is extraordinary.

Simply Birgit does a great job of showcasing their products by proudly displaying images of top products front and center on the homepage. This simple action allows visitors to quickly understand what the website is about and sets expectations of available products and their look. The skin care products found on this site are raw and natural, so to capture that essence Simply Birgit created a simple website that, like her products does not feature any unnecessary ingredients that throw off the main objective. We also love the ‘Call-To-Action’ message on the homepage; it is clear, straight to the point and invokes a specific reaction. READ MORE

How to promote your small business website with Pinterest

Don’t look now but there is another hot shot social media site out here. Pinterest is the name and pin-boards is its game. The beauty of this service is its ability to bring many diverse people together not through words but visual boards. Users on Pinterest rave about the ease of use, the ability to be creative and the advantages of the organizational tools of the site.

Many Businesses are also using Pinterest to drive web traffic, according to Shareaholics latest referral traffic report: Pinterest has sent more referral traffic to other websites than twitter in Febuary. So if your business thrives off of website traffic to generate leads and sales, Pinterest is definitely a platform your company needs to take advantage of.  This article will show you how you can use this social media platform to increase your brands awareness while generating leads and website traffic.

First things first, you need to be introduced to the language of this new site:

Pinterest Terms:

  • Pins: Images, articles or videos uploaded via PC or found anywhere on the web, that are added to Pinterest.
  • Boards: Just like a poster board, or collage these are where you place your pins. Boards are sorted into categorgies or subjects like food, sports, or ‘products I like’ etc.
  • Like: Just like Facebook, you choose to “Like” a pin and Pinterest conveniently places your Likes into the ‘Like Section’ of your profile.
  • Re-Pin: When you add an image you find on Pinterest onto your board, when you Re-Pin the user who pinned the image first is credited.
  • Pinner: A user on Pinterest.
  • Follow: You can follow Pinners that interest you, and you can receive their latest updates on the Home feed of your profile.
  • Mention: You can mention other Pinners in the comments of your pins by using the “@” symbol and adding the username of the Pinner.

To see an example of a Pinterest board, check out Webs Pinterest account.

It’s WEDNESDAY and that means…. (HMMMMM…) YES you guessed it!  Example Site Wednesday! Today we present to you , where you can always find the perfect accessory for every occasion.

 “More than seven out of 10 internet users are online buyers” —

What makes The Bead Place such a wonderful website is the simplicity and usability of their online store. The homepage header includes the logo (placed in the left hand side) as well as a large and clear title. The main image shows a picture of the inside of their store, showing some of the most popular products they have to offer. The background contrasts smoothly with the main content of the site and creates a creative and serene mood for users. If you take a look at the navigational links you can see that “shop” is the first link under the homepage, inviting users to go there first. They use the video section of their website to upload videos of tutorials for customers to learn new innovative techniques. The calendar section shows all of the upcoming classes, which are available for users to comment and view. There is also a Guestbook section that allows customers to leave testimonials and reviews of the store and the products.

Tips on how to give your e-commerce website a little boost:

When you are walking into a building for the first time, you automatically begin to think about your feelings about the establishment. Websites work in the same way, when visitors come to your site they are formulating an impression of you or your organization. In order to land a strong impression your website has to display a sense of pizzazz and style that can keep visitors interested in the main content of your website. This week’s Example Site Wednesday belongs to Scarab Pictures, a delightful website made by an artistically intuitive freelance photographer named Claire. Claire has created a website that not only showcases her talents, but does it in a way that is very innovational and original.

“I’ll make an image out of anything, everything can be beautiful if you look at it a little differently.”
– Claire

Claire has created a website that not only showcases her talents, but does it in a way that is very innovational and original.

The homepage message is clear and direct to the overall purpose of the website. The navigational links are personal and positioned neatly.

This week’s Example Site Wednesday comes from a beautiful website dedicated to selling adorable duct tape bows to raise money for a cancer charity foundation, Bows for Hope. This website provides an excellent example of how a simplistic homepage can help you capitalize on your unique web traffic.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.”

-Albert Einstein

Bows For Hope is an organization started by Lauren Chelenza, a 13 year old, who was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in 2009. She sells bows made of duct tape that come in many creative designs for $1.50, and all proceeds are donated to the Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation. Lauren first started out selling her bows in school, and to date she has raised thousands of dollars for her cause.

Within seconds of visiting Bows For Hope, you are greeted with an warm angelic design that directs you to the main content of the site. The content is straight forward and allows visitors to comprehend the objective of the site instantly. Right below the main paragraph is a ‘Call to Action’ message that is a personal statement directly from the founder of the site.


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