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Digital marketing channels are the bee’s knees for spreading seasonal cheer throughout the holiday season. From your small business website to social media to email campaigns and blog posts, your business has ample opportunity to impart merriment to its audiences. The best part about using digital marketing is that you can do it all for free! If you have the systems in place, special holiday campaigns require only a bit of pre-planning and time. By successfully sharing festive sentiments over digital channels, your business can build brand awareness and customer conversions. Who wouldn’t want to give it a whirl?

For an effective holiday season, distribute your marketing endeavors across the following three channels.


First things first. Your website is your business’s calling card, so it naturally should be updated first as it is likely the first point of contact with potential customers. Place all holiday-themed elements onto your website before you adjust any of your other marketing materials.

To start, consider swapping out a header image or create a seasonally-branded logo to temporarily replace your standard logo. Incorporate colors and graphics that reflect the holidays in a way that works with your brand standards and resonates with your audience. Uncomfortable with a seasonal logo? Try adding seasonal colors to your navigation menu or call to action buttons on your site. This way, your brand is unaltered, but there are small nods to the holidays.

If your business has special holiday hours, such as extended customer service or closure on specific days, put that information on your homepage. Make it easy to find, so you don’t leave your customers guessing. Also, if you have specific order deadlines for Christmas delivery, include that in your season updates. Customers appreciate straightforward information and it aids their purchase decisions.

Social Media

A close second is your social media profiles. Social media is meant for engagement, dialogue, and interaction. Use these avenues to be more personal and have fun with your followers. Add custom covers and profile images that represent the holidays. It could be adding a string of lights around your logo or using recognizable holiday colors in your text.

Beyond updating your profile image, develop holiday campaigns for your social posts. Countdowns to Christmas, gift guides, inquire about follower’s beloved holiday traditions, and daily discounts announced only on social media are four top ways to pique follower’s interests and have them visit your profiles more frequently. Have fun with social media and express your business’s excitement about the season. Social media is your opportunity to be enthusiastic without seeming inauthentic or disingenuous.

Email Marketing

Undoubtedly, your small business is poised to send a handful of email campaigns during the holiday season. While you implement strategic sales emails, consider sprinkling in a few email campaigns that are purely about the customer. Send a special holiday newsletter, which features your staff’s favorite holiday traditions and recipes or custom gift guides for typical buyer personas.

If your business is involved with a charitable organization, send an email dedicated to your efforts with that non-profit. Don’t solicit donations, but inform your customers about your charitable efforts in a seasonally-appropriate way. Speak to how you hit a record number of donations or hours of volunteering for the year. Boast about your business; this is something people want to read during the holidays. It makes them feel good and bolsters their opinion of your business.

An absolute must for spreading cheer is sending an email that shows your appreciation for your customers. Saying “thank you” takes little effort, but will resonate for months if done well. Find a way to convey your gratitude in a unique way that works with your brand.

One thing to note is that timing is everything for these types of emails. Ensure you don’t miss the mark by sending jovial emails too late in the season. Coordinate these ‘feel good’ emails with your sales emails, and your clients will feel the love.

Need some planning inspiration? Merkle Inc. created a helpful holiday calendar to help you stay on track with your email marketing. It highlights sample holiday sales endeavors, so you can easily slot in your holiday cheer emails without overwhelming customer inboxes.

Holiday promotion calendar

Goodwill is a powerful marketing device and can be used to win favor with potential customers. Remain true to your business values when promoting holiday cheer, and your audience will positively respond to your efforts. Take advantage of all digital marketing has to offer your small business this holiday season!

About the Author: Julie Chomiak is the Content Marketing Specialist for Webs and Pagemodo. When she’s not scouring the web for small business trends, Julie loves traveling, interior design, and animals of all kinds. Get more from Julie on the Webs Blog and the Pagemodo blog.

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    Kris Cook
    Dec 14, 2016 - 05:28 PM

    Christmas is the ideal time to re-engage with older, more forgotten prospects. A simple email wishing them Happy Christmas that feels personal enough that they click on one of your links and then bingo. Prospect is now a potential customer once again!

    For non-profit organisations an annual newsletter is also a great way of showing donators and volunteers alike the great work that has taken place within the year and what the future holds.

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    Dec 19, 2016 - 07:00 AM

    Nice summary. Thank you for sharing this information!!

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    Shahul Hameed
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    Great Idea! Thanks for sharing this post! In the modern world, it would be an amazing idea to spread seasonal cheer throughout the holiday season.

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    Great Idea! Thanks for sharing this post! In the modern world, it would be an amazing idea to spread seasonal cheer throughout the holiday season.

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