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Email marketing is central to many small business’s marketing strategies. It is a fantastic way to send out branded messages to potential clients as well as longstanding, loyal customers. However, writing emails that inspire conversions and sales isn’t super intuitive to most people. Today, we’re going to break down the five essential components for successful email copy.

Let’s get right to it.

Keep It Short and Sweet (KISS)

As we’ve discussed, people’s attention spans are very short, as in you have eight seconds to hook someone into reading your email and continue reading your email copy. In order to position your emails for optimal open, read, and click-through rates, limit your word count. This applies to your subject lines and your email content.

Choose the most informative and intriguing words that best relay your message to your readers. Being succinct takes practice, so draft your copy and subject line, then go back and whittle them down as much as possible.

Write sentences that prompt readers to click a link for more information or simply state that by visiting your website, they can see view your full product and service catalogue. Your emails are intended to inspire action from the reader. They do not need to include every little detail about your business or a specific promotion.

Make the reader the focal point of your email

Remember who you are writing these emails for: your customers! They already know you’re the sender of email, so be careful of overusing your business name. Include it in the header or footer information, but then make the email copy all about the recipient.

When crafting your email copy, put the reader in the driver’s seat. Use words “you” and “your,” so as the reader goes through the email, they feel they are being spoken to on a personal level. They’ll feel more closely linked to the content and as though the email was generated specifically for them. This level of personalization and targeting goes a long way in converting readers into buyers.

Send emails to people based on their engagement and past purchase history. Consumers respond best to emails that are in line with their habits. Epsilon found that

“triggered emails targeted based on a recipient’s engagement with past messages have open rates that are 76% higher than those with generic messaging.”

That’s a huge percentage! Knowing your customers’ habits will aid you in writing the best emails for your target audience.

Pick one message and stick to it

Ultimately a small business send emails to convey a message to its audience. Clearly define what the specific message is for an email and stick to it. Don’t load your content with multiple messages and promotions. This only confuses readers and negatively impacts your conversion and sales.

Craft your entire email around the topic. The subject line, graphics, links, and copy should all complement the overarching message. Perhaps most importantly, ensure your readers can quickly identify what the point of the email is. Providing value should always be an underlying deliverable for small business email campaigns. Keep these two principles in mind and your readers will look forward to your emails.

Use power words

As mentioned above, you have limited time to make an impression upon your reader. Generate the right emotions and sentiments by incorporating power words into your email copy. Power words reinforce the message and add urgency, excitement or curiosity to your text.

Not sure what qualifies as a power word? Here’s a top ten list:

  • New
  • Save
  • Satisfy
  • Proven
  • Love
  • Guarantee
  • Immediate, Now or Instant (they’re interchangeable)
  • Results
  • You
  • Free

End with clear call to action

In order to get any results from your email marketing, you have to include a clear call to action. End your emails by asking your readers to learn more, register for an event, visit a social profile, or download a free template. Any of these statements explicitly asks the reader to do something. Whatever your industry, remember to weave an obvious call to action into end of your email. Your call to action should also align with your email’s message, so it enforces why someone is reading the email and helps boost the ROI for your desired outcome.

Email marketing is a wonderful small business tool. By integrating these five tips into your email copy strategy, your emails are bound to hit the mark.

About the Author: Julie Chomiak is the Content Marketing Specialist for Webs and Pagemodo. When she’s not scouring the web for small business trends, Julie loves traveling, interior design, and animals of all kinds. Get more from Julie on the Webs Blog and the Pagemodo blog.

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