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You know just how important websites are to your small business. But did you know that a third of small business owners maintain their websites themselves?

When creating your own website it is important to stay away from costly websites mistakes outlined in the infographic from MyCase below.

  • 41% of small business owners who plan to improve their websites, say design and aesthetics are the top choices of action.
  • 25% of business owners say the cost of maintaining the site is a big hurdle.
  • 60% do not have mobile websites or know if their websites are mobile-capable.
  • 26% of small business sites cannot be found in online searches.

Luckily, you are least likely to commit these unforgivable mistakes with sophisticated DIY website builders like Webs. Webs offers many themes for pleasing aesthetics, a budget-friendly plan structure, a mobile website option, and a local listings tool available to be found in hundreds of directories online including Google and Yelp.

You CAN make a functional, beautiful, and successful website yourself.
So remember these mistakes in the infographic below and AVOID them when you create your own website.

Happy Building!

Small Business - MyCase Infographic

About the Author: Deanna Zaucha is the Senior Content Marketing Specialist for Webs and Pagemodo, and also manages their social media presence. She can be found on the dance floor, or on her iPhone keeping up with trends in marketing and tech. Get more from Deanna on the Webs Blog, Pagemodo Blog, and Twitter.

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    James Humbo
    Dec 20, 2015 - 12:59 AM

    Hello Webs,

    I am from Tanzania-East Africa. First of all i would like to commend Webs for the outstanding work that you are doing. I was initially considering to find someone to build the website for my newly established company but ever since i knew webs i have decided to build it myself. The site is very useful even for someone with little programming skills.

    I want to upgrade to Pro premium account but my budget is somehow limited. Among other factors i want to take advantage of 25 custom email addresses. Can i start by purchasing 6 months Pro Premium account? I would appreciate if webs can help me on this? Do u guys expect to announce discounts during this holiday season?? Is there another way to make enquires apart from the blog page??

    Thanks in advance and i look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Reply
      Sarah Matista
      Feb 29, 2016 - 02:43 PM

      Hello James,

      thanks for the compliments! You can access any of our packages as a monthly customer if you don’t want to make the long-term commitment of an annual package.

  2. Reply
    Jan 15, 2016 - 05:38 AM

    your link doesn’t let me check on the local listing tool as it doesn’t allow for a UK postcode
    is there another way?

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