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The evolution of content marketing has been entertaining to watch. We’re currently experiencing a permanent shift away from static, traditional content and towards fresh, interactive content. While blog articles will always be the bread and butter of corporate content strategies, many brands have complemented this standard with more engaging mediums like infographics and video. However, there’s still a form of content marketing that very few brands are aware of and it’s called interactive content.

The Evolution of Content

Just a few years ago, simple blog posts were all you needed to boost page views. From there, it became necessary to include a photo or two with each article. This was just the beginning of the shift towards more visual content. Today, consumers come to expect visual content from companies, and not just articles with images, though that medium is still very effective. Now, consumers are demanding videos and interactive content.

Big data is sweeping the web, even more than most realize. With it, we have the power to discern exactly what consumers want, and give it to them. They want more visual content, so we can use big data to produce more lively content by taking pertinent information from all over the web and using it in an interactive profile.

For example, take a look at this algorithm-tracking tool provided by Algoroo. It brings in data from all over the web, analyzing up to 17,000 keywords to show the effectiveness of the keyword in comparison to the Google algorithm. This tool is extremely useful for those looking to boost their search rankings.

Interactive Content Is the New Normal

Thanks to big data, interactive content is possible, and it’s slowly becoming the industry standard for boosting page views. Since companies can harness the constant influx of data, they have the power to create interactive content, which yields much higher returns than black and white articles.

Interactive content includes, but isn’t limited to, quizzes, interactive infographics, interactive white papers, and industry calculators. Essentially, customers are looking for something that adds value or solves a problem. Interactive data does that in a faster, more accurate, and more personalized way than the traditional blog post.

For example, consider this fuel calculator from Bayswater Car Rental in Australia. It’s a calculator that allows users to input their trip and calculate the consumption and cost of fuel. This content anticipates a problem, and solves it specifically for the consumer.

The Perks of Interactive Content

Marketing Land featured a study on their website that showed just how effective interactive content is for driving leads and raising conversions. According to the study, those who used interactive content found a 23 percent increase in the effectiveness of educating buyers, a 33 percent increase in beating competitors, a 34 percent increase in conversions, and a 21 percent increase in social shares.

To affirm this research even more, it’s important to note that the algorithm tracker from Algaroo has more than 2500 shares across social networks, and the trip calculator from Bays Water Car Rental has nearly 4500 likes on Facebook.

These statistics clearly show what interactive content can do for a business, particularly when compared to traditional content. Blog posts, white papers, and other flat content are still effective forms of digital marketing, but interactive content can significantly accentuate these mediums.

About the Author: Larry Alton is an independent business consultant specializing in social media trends, business, and entrepreneurship. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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    Manash Mukherjee
    Aug 21, 2015 - 06:06 AM

    Interactive content is one of the best way of to generate more traffic and conversion. Just few day back, I have seen case study of bills.com, how they are utilizing interactive landing page to drive more business. Whether it is BuzzFeed or any other BoredPanda, they are focusing on creating interactive content to gather more shares on social media.

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