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Every few weeks, we feature Webs users here on the blog and highlight many of the interesting ways that they are using Webs to create truly stunning websites.

Recently, we’ve featured a dance psychologist, a beautiful art store, and a Turkish ice cream company!

In those posts, we’ve shared how you can achieve similar designs, use the same features, and learn from the experience of others.

Today we’d like to dig a little deeper and share a full small business success story. Several weeks ago, I reached out to Kerri, the owner of Majestic Wonders Photography, to see if she would be interested in sharing her story on the Webs blog. As a product owner on the Webs team, I was interested to hear more about her experiences with Webs and how our products helped her business succeed.

Thankfully, Kerri was very willing to participate and hoped to help other small business owners.

Majestic Wonders Photography

Like many small business owners, Kerri originally started Majestic Wonders Photography in 2012 because she wanted freedom over what she did with her life. She was tired of working for others and wanted to build a business of her own.

Kerri: “I wanted to be my own boss […] and I enjoy photography and making people smile.”

Creating a Website

A few months after starting her business, Kerri quickly realized she needed a website.

Kerri: “I needed my business to have a polished look and an online presence.”

She did some searching and compared different website providers. Eventually she chose Webs because the site allowed her to start for free, and upgrade when she was ready.

A few months later, she upgraded her plan to take advantage of extras like a premium themes, a custom domain name, and site statistics.

Kerri: “The extras really made the site pop so we decided to upgrade a couple of months after we started the site on Webs.”

Growing the Business

Like many small business owners, Kerri was focused on growing her business. Her website was and remains an important part of that growth strategy.

Kerri: “My site is great for pointing people to when they are looking for pricing. In photography, prospective customers like to see samples and my website delivers those in a very professional way.”

Majestic Wonders Webpage

On Being Found by Customers Online

Kerri did a fantastic job building her website. She followed our website best practices and made a great website homepage featuring a slideshow that really highlighted her past photography very well.

However, she wanted to make her website more visible to new customers. In early January, Kerri purchased the Local Listings product after finding out that her business wasn’t listed well online.

Before Using Local Listings

Before Local Listings

Kerri: “I used the local listings product because it was a hassle trying to get listed on so many different directories by myself.”

“It takes hours to get listed on just one or two directories by yourself. The local listings tool allowed me to do it all at once and reach a larger number of directories much quicker.”

It was important to Kerri to get listed everywhere online, because she knew her potential customers used many different directories.

Kerri: “These days, everyone seems to use different directories and you really want to be listed on as many as possible to get the business seen.”

Getting Majestic Wonders Photography Listed Online

Today, about a month after purchasing the Local Listings product, Kerri’s business is listed in many more directories online, the directories where her potential customers are looking for businesses just like hers.

Kerri: “It is a great product to save yourself time getting listed and to get your name out there.”

After Local Listings

Check out some of Kerri’s listings here:


The Future for Majestic Wonders Photography

Kerri has achieved her initial goals for Majestic Wonders Photography. She’s built a business with a strong customer base, a sophisticated website, and a name that can be found in almost any directory online.

We want to thank Kerri for letting us share her small business success story!

Are you a Webs user with a small business success story that you’d like to share? Write us a note in the comments below with a link to your website and we’ll get in touch with you!

About the Author: Alex Mitchell is a Product Manager at Webs focused on Site Optimization, Internationalization, Localization, and all other –ations. Find more from Alex on Google+.

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