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Perhaps the weather is perfectly fine wherever you are, but here in the Washington, DC area, it’s cloudy and in the mid-twenties. Which is why today’s Webs user example site will feature a tourism company in the state of Kerala, India, where it’s in the mid-eighties right now.

In addition to beautiful imagery and a nice-looking layout, the Swapna Kerala Holidays website succeeds at one of the most important things for a business in the travel industry: establishing trust. Whether within their own country or to the other side of the world, most people get a little anxious around travel. Which is why it’s so important for a company that serves travelers to convey through their website that customers are in good hands when choosing their services.

So, how does Swapna accomplish this through their website? Let’s take a look at 3 attributes that help create a sense of dependability. Even if you’re not in the travel industry, your small business website should include these things!

1. High-Quality Images
Human beings are visual by nature, so the first thing we notice is imagery. No matter how great the content of a website, if the images look bad, the business’ credibility goes right out the window. Low light, poor focus, pixilation (blowing up images that are too small), bad stock photos – all of these issues detract from the professionalism of your website and make people question to legitimacy of your business. At a minimum, invest in several high-quality, professional images of your products, services, or location – a few well-presented visuals can go a long way.

2. Plenty of Information
Less may be more when it comes to most things, but not on your website. Granted you’ll want to present it in an organized and easy-to-navigate fashion, but it is important to have lots of information available on your site. Not only can it help alleviate anxiety people may have around making a big purchase with you, it can also help bring more people to your site in the first place! Building out content is a great SEO strategy that has the added benefit of establishing your credibility with potential customers.

3. Updated Details
This is one of the most common – and most easily avoided – pitfalls that website owners can fall into. From your business’ contact details right down to your website’s copyright date, how up-to-date your information seems can have a big impact on the overall impression your site makes. True, Swapna does need to update their copyright from 2014 to 2015, but being that it’s just now February, we’ll give them a pass. We look at lots of small business websites, and I can tell you we were actually relieved/impressed at that 2014 copyright date, having seen so many recently from 2013 and even before! One easy way to avoid outdated details is to set a reminder in your calendar at the beginning of each month to do a ‘visual sweep’ of your website for anything that may have changed.

Congratulations on a great website Swapna Kerala Holidays, you’ve awakened our wanderlust this Friday afternoon!

About the Author: Sarah Matista is the Content Marketing Manager at Webs, where she also manages marketing for Pagemodo – a suite of social media tools. Loves marketing, small businesses, and whales. Get more from Sarah on the Webs Blog, Twitter, and Google+.

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