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It’s the busiest season of the year – holiday season!

Which not only means the common folk are running around trying to find the best gifts for their friends and loved ones, but also small business owners and entrepreneurs are trying to find ways to stand out in the crowd of marketing messages flooding everyone’s inboxes, televisions, and mailboxes.

More often than not, we have found that the simplest way to do this is to reflect your marketing messages on your website.

Users love consistency; by showing similar visuals and messages as your email or direct-mail campaigns on your website you’re demonstrating marketing smarts.

In our infographic for where to put your most important stuff on your website, we learned that “The percentage of visitors to a website who show some form of engagement is 66%. Of those, the average amount of time spend actively engaging is 47 seconds.”

So since we don’t have much time and we always want to help you build a better website for your small business…here are the most effective places to insert your holiday season marketing on your site.

1. Your Navigation
A website’s navigation bar is an important tool for organization and prioritization. And during the holiday season, organization is highly desired for quick and painless holiday shopping. If you can help your consumers get to what they want and need faster, you are creating a better user experience that they will remember even after the holidays.

Just look at what we found on LOFT.com. Not only have they called out an entire section for GIFTS, but they have changed the color to give it even more distinction from the rest of their navigation.

LOFT navigation screenshot

So if you have items or services that would make great gifts or have special deals for the season, remember you can make a special landing page imitating your other marketing materials for these items and help your customers get there faster by highlighting it in your navigation menus!

2. Image Carousels
While adding a navigation button to your holiday specials is ideal, remember a picture is worth a thousand words. And with only 47 seconds of active engagement, you need to say a lot on your homepage fast to convince your visitor to stay a little longer. Cue the image carousel!

Kate Spade’s homepage below gives a good demonstration. They use a GIF (not displayed here) to grab your attention and have the “holiday gift guide” indicator so users can easily flip through the carousel to get to the page they want to explore further.

kate spade homepage screenshot

Providing eye-catching images of your fantastic holiday products or services will be sure to lure your visitor to clicking through to another page to browse your site. Just be sure to follow these do’s and don’ts to get the most of your slideshow of images!

3. Your Web Store
Giving a little preview to what holiday products you have in your store before your users even need to click is a great way to have a leg up in the ecommerce world. On top of that, choosing the same products you have displayed in email messages to highlight on your homepage will provide some consistency to your customers.

Walmart is a great example. Second to their image carousel, they have a strip of their popular gift items displayed for easy browsing. This takes out a couple clicks for users if they see items they want or need right from the homepage!

Walmart Web Store Screenshot

What’s important to remember is to have ample stock of whatever items you are emphasizing on the main pages. It wouldn’t be great for business to show off a group of products that are out of stock! Keep up with your web store for the season by updating this section daily!


As a final note: Make sure to remain conscious of your site’s overall design when making these changes, and keep them consistent with the website design theme you have chosen. Our survey discovered 64% of respondents have had a website design or content keep them from buying.

So make updates wisely!

Does your small business site demonstrate these holiday seasonal updates superbly? Share your site address in the comments!

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